Completed Project

Lakorn pending to be reuploaded: The OC Thailand

As for other lakorns, they can be found on my playlist here >> TP Playlist

NOTE: Yai Kanlaya is in the middle of editing! (on hold for now)


  1. Jessica D

    Please repost chuamong-tong-mon the magical hour. Thank you so much for all you do.

    1. thippy

      you can watch it at the link I posted!

  2. Jen Co

    Thank you for re-uploading your subbed dramas subber Thippy. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ Take your time and we will patiently wait for it. You are subbing such interesting dramas. I really enjoy watching these Lakorns because I understand it through your subs.❀️

  3. Tareka

    Thippy! Thank you for hard work. Can you re-upload Nai Hoi Tamin? Thank you Su Su, fighting

    1. thippy

      I never subbed that lakorn!

  4. talksoutofturn

    Hi Thippy! I’m not here to ask for a drama, since you have the ones I’m interested in available. It’s just been a long time, and i wanted to say THANK YOU for everything! I hope you’re doing well and staying safe! That is all! <3

  5. Crystal

    Dear admin,can you please reupload the OSTs of My HERO Series??????Pleaseee😒😒😒😒😒

  6. Blue angel

    I am sorry I mean reupload Not replied

  7. Maipa lo

    Thank you for your hard, can you reload poo-bao-indy-yayee. Thank you

  8. Ditas A. Lara

    Can you please continue subbing tawan arb dao. I only need ep 14-16

    1. thippy

      UM…14-16 are already available????? No??? And where did I state that I stopped subbing this lakorn?! I would have spam this comment but sometimes a person needs enlightenment!

  9. Sonia

    Can you please reupload Ra Rerng Fai?

    1. Tiya

      Can you do a subtitle for Song sanaeha by kimberly and James ma ?

      1. thippy

        that can be found at

  10. Wibensky Jean

    My request :suparburoot jorm jon duang jai kabot back

    1. An55mv returns

      Yes, re-upload Duang Jai Kabot please ❀️

  11. Sandy

    Yodrak Nakrob will not play

    1. thippy

      it would have been nice if you had comment in the Yodrak Nakrob thread! But to answer your question, have you tried using chrome or another browser from the server you’re using? Try installing adblock to prevent popups! Also, please read my rules & the welcome post for better understanding!

  12. Jolein Wittocx

    Rak Rai

  13. yen

    thanks you so muchh 😘

  14. Renu

    Good to see you back. Keep up your good work

  15. risva01

    thank you so much πŸ˜‰

  16. Nimal Farhan

    Thippy, sedtee teen Plao you have uploaded ep 21 in place ep 22. Anyways Nice work loved it.

  17. theoleger

    Gambare! Keep it up

  18. Eugene

    Could you please reupload Sampatan Hua Jai? I really love it. Thank you for subbing thai lakorn.

    1. OnlyU

      You can find it on her account in DM

  19. CS


  20. danise olarte

    Can you please re upload Paragit Ruk Series: Ratchanawee Tee Ruk.. thank you

  21. Dhruv Kumar

    hua jai look poochai!!!! please!!! Thanks for your hard work.

  22. phoebe

    please reupload huajai look phuchai

  23. yusra

    Please can you upload rong tao nareelakorns.i would be very Thankful If You Can.

  24. Sandra

    I really been wanting to see I think it’s call something like
    Pom athan. Somthing like that I forgot the title !! Would love
    More of your work

  25. Luz

    I love all your lakorn i really want to continue watching them specially Tawan arb Dao thank you for your time i hope i can see for sub lakorn..

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