Sampatan Huajai

Title: Sampatan Huajai (Concession of the Heart)

Air Date: April 28, 2018 – June 2, 2018

Duration: 16 Episodes

Casts: Weir Sukollawat & Thisa Varitthisa

Summary: On her way to sign a business contract, Rattawan was kidnapped along with her son by two men who took her to an island and tried to rape and kill her. However, she was saved by the owner of the island, Naboon. Both did not trust one another during her stay there but walls came down when Rattawan decides to tell Naboon her true identity. Feelings starts to develop between Naboon and Rattawan but they must restrain themselves because afterall, Rattawan is still married. All Naboon can do is be worried from afar and give her moral support. Naboon promises her that she and her son will be protected and decides to send her home to Bangkok to figure out if her suspicion of her husband, being the mastermind behind her trying to get killed was true or not. Naboon being worried for Rattawan tells his people to go stay with her to keep her company and protected, while he goes to Bangkok to perform his duty as head of Nara hotel as well. What happens when Rattawan comes face to face with her husband back in Bangkok who she believes tried to kill her. How will Rattawan and Naboon relationship be when she is still married to her husband and Naboon’s ex-wife also enters the picture? Stay tune in Sampatan Huajai.

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Ending Theme Song MV

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01 4/28/18 LINK
02 4/29/18 LINK
03 5/4/18 LINK
04 5/5/18 LINK
05 5/6/18 LINK
06 5/11/18 LINK
07 5/12/18 LINK
08 5/13/18 LINK
09 5/18/18 LINK
10 5/19/18 LINK
11 5/20/18 LINK
12 5/25/18 LINK
13 5/26/18 LINK
14 5/27/18 LINK
15 6/1/18 LINK
16 6/2/18 LINK

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