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  1. Maitha says:

    Please Translation แรงเงา 2 ( Raeng ngao 2 )?! Thank you

    1. Lyn says:

      I recommend you click on Rules on the top of the page , left hand side.

    2. movie is already being sub by Muse

    3. Muse did it already.

  2. Jholove says:

    Thanks for subbing the revive to kill please subb also the one i like boo and mike god bless for your effort to subb..god always bless you becouse you make people happy..😇

  3. Onlyu says:

    Cant wait 😍

  4. Wow I’m excited! Thank you Thippy!!

  5. evasioson says:

    Hi tippy, after Fai hima, what is the next lakorn will you sub? Can you sub revive to kill. Thank you.

  6. evasioson says:

    Hi, can you also sub secret garden. Thank you!

    1. Lyn says:

      I recommend you click on Rules at the top of the page on the left.

  7. visa says:

    im waitin for fai himaaaaaaa its supposed to be posted today:(

  8. Celine says:

    Hi thanks for all the dramas that you have subbed , can you sub rak nakara ( mark and taew) I believe currently no one is subbing it.

    1. seriously? Rak Nakara was subbed 2years ago.. you can google and see..

  9. Shatirah Syed Mohamad says:

    Please sub Hua Jai Sila 2019!! Thank you🙏

    1. Najza says:

      there is another subber subbing this drama. Curently it is private. You need to wait for the public release. You can google it

  10. maria stella says:


  11. hi thippy, may i ask you why toni rakkaen lakorn gone from your current project? do you gonna sub it after another lakorn done?


    1. thippy007 says:

      It’s actually a maybe for now bc I’m not feeling the nangek after I watched some clips. I’ll see if I will sub it after I watch the first couple of episodes

      1. okay. thankyou for your answer. i’ll always support your choice and watch the lakorn you sub ^^

  12. Nancy says:

    do you know what I love about you? You have find lakorn that are from different channel and subbing them that I would never thought would be good but it turns out great!! keep up the good work!

  13. Yang Kali says:

    Will you be continuing subbing Nang Rai?

    1. thippy007 says:

      Um, I finished already. Did you check completed project??

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