Title: Tawan Arb Dao (Sun Immersed in the Star)
Air Date: March 26, 2020 – Present
Total Episode: TBA
Casts: Kem Hussawee, Thisa Varitthisa, Yui Chiranun
Synopsis: Because of the mysterious death of his younger brother, Siwakorn came to find out the truth. It made him get involved with every suspect including Chorprae, an older business woman that his younger brother was an escort for. While Daopradab, Chorprae’s niece was also trying to separate Chorprae from Siwakorn because she thinks Siwakorn is Siwakorn’s younger brother Siwat. Closeness turns into love. But that means even more danger when they get closer to the truth and finds out the villain is actually the person closest to them that they didn’t expect.
Rak Gun Mai Dai (Female) | Rak Gun Mai Dai (Male)

01 3/26/20 LINK
02 4/1/20 LINK
03 4/2/20 LINK
04 4/8/20
05 4/9/20
06 4/15/20
07 4/16/20
08 4/22/20
09 4/23/20
10 4/29/20
11 4/30/20
12 5/6/20
13 5/7/20
14 5/13/20
15 5/14/20


  1. sissi says:

    Thanks for the subs but could you please change the video host ? or add another ? this one stops each minute and it’s really frustrating to keep up with the lakorn, thanks again great work !

  2. SuzieJ says:

    I’ve been waiting patiently for this lakorn and boy was I not disappointed! 1st episode kept me interested and Ken & Thisa sure are a nice pranang. Chemistry and good looks combined is always amazing. Hopefully the other episodes don’t disappoint from here on out. Thanks for the episode Thippy ❤️

  3. Sukma says:

    Wow, amazing first episode
    Thank you thippy 😍

  4. sarane corona says:

    finally!! thank you so much!!!!!

  5. Thanks for subbing this lakorn waiting patiently 🙂

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