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  1. Noor Kannan

    Does anyone know what what happened with Nekomeow? It did not publish anything for a long time really

  2. Sharron

    Thank you very much for subbing current Thai dramas it is very very much appreciated, i check on your site regularly for newly subbed episodes, as someone living in ireland i absolutely love Thai dramas but have to wait for them to be subbed which can take absolutely ages so i am very glad to find your page. x

  3. ub

    Dear Thippy, enjoying Wayla Kammathep and Sweet prison a lot. Thanks for your subbing.

  4. nicolehous

    I found ur site coz was searching for ‘Rang Rak Prang Jai’, thx so much for making it available. Could u please sub the thai drama ‘the curse of saree’.

  5. seara@5

    Dear thippy, can you do eng sub for sao 5

  6. Yen

    Can you do Rivalry?


    Can you do samee chua kheun sub english

    1. thippy

      that’s being subbed by falada

  8. ub

    Dear Thippy, Thank you so much for subbing Wayla Kammathep and Sao Jao Jum Loei. Wayla Kammathep is turning out to be a very interesting lakorn. Thanks again

  9. Trishia

    Please can you upload thai lakorn tie me (k)not

  10. Roza

    Dear THippy… Wish your dad a speedy recovery! Thank you for subbing Jao Sao Jum Loey… looking forward for ep 11 onwards .

  11. ub

    Dear Thippy , Thank you for subbing this lakorn for us. Hope your Dad is better now. Thank you again for your time and effort in bringing these dramas to us.

  12. alezzats

    Thanks a lot for subbing this lackorn. I wish your family and especially your father everything good from the bottom of my heart.

  13. Shane lorenzo

    Kelan po mag uupdate ng ep 7 at 8 ? Thank you po 🥰💖

    1. Gel G.

      We really don’t know shane because the subber is really busy subbing is just her hubby. lets just wait patiently

      1. Analiza

        Thanks thippy for all the effort in subbing thai lakorns….

  14. Lena Lim

    Thank you Ms Thippy for this educational Drama. Like Tian, I am more for using my head to analyze & decide, less my heart.
    This lakorn taught us otherwise. Sa & Pa are twins but differed in their strength of character & ability.
    Had Pa been less judgemental, she would understand Sa better, thus able to help her escape Tiew’s abuse, ultimately her death.
    My first time watching Pupe Kessarin though she has played the main role since 2016.
    She is not only beautiful & well proportioned, her acting skill is highly commendable too.

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