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  1. Zhu

    hello. what date are you guys releasing new subbed ep of sao song winyahn?

  2. Angela States

    thank you so much for doing the subbing. I have enjoyed watching them. Thank you again.It’s nice to be able to watch sweet romances.Since I don’t speak thia I have to wait for translation into English.. Please don’t get discouraged by the practices of others. I hope you know that your work is very much appreciated.:)

  3. Margaret J Diffin

    Thank you Thippy, I appreciate you subbing these dramas! <3 But I also really appreciate the ones that do the timing, thank you so much!!!

  4. Will

    Thippy, miracle of love episode 15 server 2 isn’t loading properly

    1. thippy

      it’s loading fine for me. Is there a specific spot it stops or just won’t load in general?

      1. Will

        It acts like it’s loading and after about 30 seconds, the replay symbol pops up and you can’t play the video.

      2. thippy

        hmm that’s weird. I’m able to go through the opening credits just fine. Perhaps it’s on your end? Have you tried clearing your cache or have you tried the third server?

  5. Sumit Sarkar

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your family thippy and May This New Year Brings You, The Long Lasting Happiness & Success,That Make You Happy and Joyful.

  6. Soah

    Hi Thippy,
    Happy New Year and Merry Xmas (if u celebrate it). I pray this new year fills you and your family with lots of happiness, positivity and health. Thank you for always subbing lakorns for your viewers. Every now and then, I contemplate if I want to pick up Thai and self-study it as a language. Can I ask, how did you start subbing lakorns? Did you already speak Thai and/or if there are any tips for people who want to learn it? Many thnaks and much love. ❤️❤️

  7. Nikki

    Hey thippy! How r you doing? Are u well? Like another year has passed and you didn’t post anything on homepage…. This year was tough for you I guess!!! Wishing u happy new year in advance!!!! Hope this year will pass a lot of positive vibes for u and ur family ☺️ and yes! Now a days there r no Thai dramas which r interesting to watch….the show I loved the most… And waited so dyingly was fah Mee tawan….waited for ur subs after the ep realised too 😂😂 I guess tht was the case for u too…. Bt ur favourite lakorn my differ ,😅 so y don’t u try some kdrama content? Like vicenzo … Kiss goblin…. Reborn rich…. Hotel del Luna…. Etc…
    Hope your stilll reading this… Thnks a lot for subbing for us 💖💖💖💖

    1. thippy

      hahaha I should be more active on hoempage huh? Yeah busy busy this year. I’ll start reviewing lakorns again next year after I wrap it up 🙂 Happy Holidays and advance New Years!

  8. Lianne van der Luyt

    Hi ithippy, just a quick question: do you have interest in subbing lakorns (devil in law 2023)?

    Thank you, and a merry christmas from the Netherlands

    1. thippy

      I don’t think so. I think the channel will be privided on Viu or soemwhere on the big platform

    2. Nikki

      Yaaayy!!! Hope next year brings us a lot of good content in Thai 😅

  9. Sumit Sarkar

    Merry Christmas to you and your Family Thippy.

  10. Randa

    thippy, can you do eng sub in new Louis Hesse project

  11. Rekha Shahi

    Hi thippy first I really want to thank u for subbing amazing dramas ….we really enjoyed your content….I was trying to watch my sweet assassin (ch3) drama but I couldn’t find anywhere….if u are interested to sub that drama it would be great for your viewers …..
    I am looking for that for a long time

  12. Sumit Sarkar

    thippy do your have any interest in subbing shadow enemy starting
    Kem Hussawee Pakrapongpisan and Hana Lewis

    1. Teresa Lume

      it’s already been sub..

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