Title: Barb Ayuttitham ( Eternal | Injustice Sin)
Air Date:  March 22, 2021 – Present
Total Episode: TBA
Cast: Boy Pakorn & Gina Salas
Synopsis: The Thai remake of the Turkish drama Ölene Kadar about a young medical student named Chittawan about to become a doctor was framed for killing his girlfriend’s father. He was sentenced to life in prison by a false witness. 11 years later a lawyer provides new evidence to help Chittawan out and now Chittawan is out for revenge on the people that set him up including the false witness 11 years ago.




01 03/22/21 LINK
02 03/23/21 LINK
03 03/29/21 LINK
04 03/30/21 LINK
05 04/5/21 LINK
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07 04/12/21 LINK
08 04/13/21
09 04/19/21
10 04/20/21
11 04/26/21
12 04/27/21
13 05/3/21
14 05/4/21
15 05/10/21


  1. Jane says:

    I love most of your projects, love Boy and loved the original…up to the last episode. I will try to wait for you to finish, hoping for a hea.
    As always big thanks for your work.

  2. Blue says:

    wooow, Love revengeful storyline. I will be waiting patiently for the end of it and then I will start watching it^___^.
    Thank you thank you Thippy for your nice work and choice.

  3. Lily says:

    I get so happy when I see you post the next episode. Thank so much for all the hard work you do for us. I appreciate you so much.

  4. mary christodoulou says:

    thank you so much..very nice lakorn..you are amazing..

  5. I love it!!! Thank you so much Thippy ❤️ I’ve been a fan of Boy especially if it’s action-romance genre My Hero Series was one of my fave. He looks good with Gina, an unexpected chemistry 😍

    1. Blue says:

      Me as well. Boy is a good actor and his roles are so perfect. Lately, I do not see him pick up projects. Miss him so much and so glad to see him on screen.

  6. munaatt says:

    Thank you you….I love you thippy

  7. Tami says:

    Thank you for subbing this lakorn , I am really appreciate your hard work . Send my best regards from Indonesia

  8. Daisy says:

    Hi, thank you so much for subbing this drama. You like a star in the dark night, your hard work means a lot to the International Thai drama fans like me. And I believe that many of inter fans will feel just like me. We are so grateful to have you. Sending my love from Indonesia ❤️ Su su na P’ 🙌

  9. Lily says:

    Omg. Thank you! You are the best!!!!

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