1. manisha says:

    can u please tel me if anyone is subbing PAyu sai 2021

  2. KJT Mix Fun says:

    For anyone wondering, Ubaat Rai Ubaat Rak would be on Viu Indonesia as Accidental Love. I can’t give the link here otherwise it would go in spam section.

  3. LynL says:

    🙏🙏🙏Thippy & Team for your endless effort subbing these intriguing lakorns for us, Non-Thai speaking fans.

  4. avaz says:

    Ubaat Rai Ubaat Ruk (2021) Just Aired Yesterday And I Saw This Drama In Your Future Project. Thanks For Subbing.

    1. Aye Thitsa Khin says:

      Yesss I’m waiting for that
      Thank you soo much for adding Ubaat Rai Ubaat Ruk (2021) in your future project

    2. munaatt says:

      Let us neglect her …. We thank her very much, Tippi, for her fatigue and efforts … she is always better .. She definitely needs time … She deserves support … My love ……… Tebe, I want to ask .. Can you please find time to sub Morlum Summer 2021 starring BigM Krittarit please. … it pulled any new heroine … it was her first movie

    3. munaatt says:

      Thank you thippy…I love you

  5. Natasha says:

    Thippy… I just wanted to know if your still subbing plerng prissana or not….
    The show started yesterday. As I saw its in your future projects…
    Thanks a lot for your hard work 😙😙😙😙❤❤

    1. after watching the teasers and skimming through ep1, I don’t think I’ll be subbing this lakorn

      1. Natasha says:

        Okay… okay… no issues…
        Thankyou fr the reply😉😉

      2. noormojkkkk says:

        Hello my love …. Tippy …. does it mean you were dismissed ….. it … your projects have been canceled …. honestly I was hoping …. they aired ….. but no problem. …thanks
        Plerng prissana

      3. noormojkkkk says:

        I was excited about it …. unfortunately … we were waiting impatiently … broadcast it … wear … my love thank you for your response …. our news … it will not take drama … it can … it is not fun .Or revenge … you liked it …. Thank you for your efforts

    2. noormojkkkk says:

      Hello my love … I mean, she … no, she will not …. take it … drama … it has been canceled … from her project …

  6. beatriz altamiranda says:

    Wonderful, i love your work

  7. InIn says:

    i truly thought i didn’t have a life watching so much lakorn, but as an encoder (x265 only) and playing with subs and timing and knowing how long it all takes, you and your team take the cake (presuming you have help due the rate you are releasing).

    truely appreciate all your hard work and sacrifice and hope you keep loving what you do for some time to come.
    thnx again from TopEnd DownUnder.

  8. Fairoudz Mamalinta says:


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