Kol Game Rak

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Title: Kol Game Rak (Tricky in Love) | **Adaptation of Ngao Rak Luang Jai**
Casts: Ice Panuwat, Au Kittipon, Mint Ranchrawee, Denise Jelilcha
Total Episodes : TBD
Air Date : November 2, 2023 – Present (Thursdays & Fridays)
Teaser 1 | Teaser 2
Tee Yeun by Timethai
Yah Pood Wah Rak Mun Ngai Pbai by Zom Marie 
The story of Anda and Lalisa, two young girls who grew up in the Orphanage Foundation. Even though they have different personalities, the two were very close. Anda had no idea that she was the child of a large wealthy family. Out of ambition, Lalisa decides to steal Anda’s identity. That led Anda’s life to get intertwined with Anon who is very cold and Pheem, who is very warm. Two completely different men who are always ready to compete in everything to be number one in both business games and love.



01 11/2/23 LINK
02 11/3/23 LINK
03 11/9/23 LINK
04 11/10/23 LINK
05 11/16/23 LINK
06 11/17/23 LINK
07 11/23/23 LINK
08 11/24/23 LINK
09 11/30/23 LINK
10 12/1/23 LINK
11 12/7/23
12 12/8/23
13 12/14/23
14 12/15/23
15 12/21/23
16 12/22/23


  1. Duha

    hi there Thippy, I hope you’re doing well !!
    just wanted you to know that the website where you upload the teasers don’t work for some reason. since you put lots of work on subtitling the teaser, you might consider another website.
    lots of love !!🥰

  2. guest

    thank you for subbing this drama. I wonder who will end up with whom

  3. Ithippy Subs

    Hello thippy… Is it possible to request that you can think of old… works… in your free time… You can. I suggest you 1 Look Mai Klai Ton starring 2015 Om Akkaphan & Min Pechaya and Fai Marn 2012 starring Porshe Saran & Thisa Varitthisa and the drama Mae Sue Bpak Rai Poo Chai Rot Jat starring 2018 Porshe Saran Sirilak & Kwan Usamanee. I hope you can think about them in the future.. A revenge drama and also a lot of good ones that contain revenge.. I hope you think about them. I want to ask you too. Do you think about Mekong? It seems like a drama that has a good beginning with 3 leads.. Hope. In the future you can take from them…and also thank you very much for your wonderful efforts..we very much enjoy choosing your

    1. TP

      Hi, yes I think I might sub an old lakorn….thinking of it atm lol but as for Look Mai Klai Ton, I think that has been subbed somewhere. Fai marn had potential but I just didn’t like how ch7 was editing back then. Kwan’s lkaorn with Porshe is a no for me. As for mekong, I watched the first episode and it wasn’t pulling me in tbh

      1. Ithippy Subs

        To be honest, there are… a lot of old works… that are amazing… I hope you like most of them… you choose your free time… regarding the drama Look Mai Klai Ton. No, sorry, it does not have an english translation. I searched but did not find it. Also… I liked a lot about the chemistry between om and min..but thank you always. Your choices…your own..are beautiful

      2. Ithippy Subs

        We look forward to your old works… I hope you can think of many old and interesting works for the next

  4. Mira

    Thank you so much for your big efforts 🙏☺️ you are awesome

  5. Vale Oha

    The plot seems similar also to another Thai drama with Yuttana ” PAN RUK PAN RAI” 2013 I TRULY LIKED THAT, so I will watch this too. Thanks a lot 🥰

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