Khem Sorn Plai

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Title: Khem Sorn Plai (Troubled Souls)
Air Date: August 17, 2022 – October 19, 2022
Total Episodes: 19 Episodes
Casts: Nune Woranuch, Thisa Varitthisa, Boom Kitkong, Euro Yotsawat
Synopsis: After suffering her broken marriage, Cherd got disappointed again when the man she was having an affair with, Lanna, went and married Yaowayod as a stepping stone for his political status. While Yaowayod has to endure Lanna’s player ways as well. Buret & Chan are there to give a hand to support the women. But vengeance has made the two women want to compete and defeat one another. The deeper they go, the more loss and pain they will encounter.
Soundtracks: Khem Sorn Plai by Punch Worakarn

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01 08/17/22 LINK
02 08/18/22 LINK
03 08/24/22 LINK
04 08/25/22 LINK
05 08/31/22 LINK
06 09/1/22 LINK
07 09/7/22 LINK
08 09/8/22 LINK
09 09/14/22
10 09/15/22
11 09/21/22
12 09/22/22
13 09/28/22
14 09/29/22
15 10/5/22
16 10/6/22
17 10/12/22
18 10/13/22
19 10/19/22


  1. Janet Lim

    Omg I love this drama so much
    It’s the most dramatic drama I have ever watched

  2. junfengleung1

    please i beg you, i need subs, ep 7 is where everything starts to go crazy again. i dont usually watch thai drama but this is good 😀

  3. Teresa Lume

    Did you give up to subbed this one? Please don’t….TY

    1. thippy

      No I haven’t. I just don’t have the time to sub the next episode

    2. thippy

      should be late tonight

  4. khartoum1234


  5. Lara

    Thank you for subbing this lakorn, Thippy! This is a heavy drama, but so entertaining at the same time, can’t wait for the next episode!

  6. drora329

    tippy thanks for your subs

  7. Janata

    Thank you for translate..Wahid let me watch a’s a (boom) much I love..and most of all acting in a drama..I hope he chooses to act once together, (thisa) . not like that. Our chemistry is great…also nune..her chemistry with cherd’s brother…is also good..i think next episodes they will have love

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