Phao Khon

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Title: Phao Khon (Lay Down and Fire)
Air Date:  May 14, 2021 – Present
Total Episode: TBA
Cast: Kem Hussawee & Cartoon Natcha
Synopsis: An outwit mission between two skillful men. One is a goofy thief, the other a skillful police officer. Both got involved with a drug dealing gang and a national influencer, and are both interested in the young female bodyguard. Each hiding their tricks, each having their own secrets. Meet with a thrilling hunt between thief and police that will take you on a ride at close range.




01 05/14/21 LINK
02 05/15/21 LINK
03 05/16/21
04 05/21/21
05 05/22/21
06 05/23/21
07 05/28/21
08 05/29/21
09 05/30/21
10 06/4/21
11 06/5/21
12 06/6/21
13 06/11/21
14 06/12/21
15 06/13/21
16 06/18/21
17 06/19/21
18 06/20/21


  1. Rishni Perera

    Please give sub for this drama and Thank you soooooo much to you doing this

  2. Stephanie Gonzales Lomocso

    thankyouu for this ! Hoping for the next episodes kha!

  3. Emily

    Please ep 3 ….I can’t wait to download it or unpack it….so much we love you baby

  4. mklllj8458710

    Watch Episode Three… Please

  5. Lhans

    Thank you so much🥰🥰🥰

  6. juvy

    patiently waiting for the rest episode to be sub. thanks for your efforts thippy and team😉👍

  7. views13

    Hi. When can we get the next few episodes? Appreciate your kind support in providing the sub titles for this drama. We look forward to receiving more episodes soon. Thank you for subbing this drama.

  8. mary christodoulou


  9. Dr. Khairun

    I am looking forward to watch this drama. Ken is my favourite Thai actor.

  10. clarity

    Yeeha, su su na dear!

  11. Pretty Polly

    Thank you so much. I’m so excited for this drama. Kem has become one of my favorite actors.

  12. ub

    Thanks Thippy for selecting this one for subbing

  13. Joy

    Oh my god. I am so excited. 😍 Thank you so much i really appreciate your effort subbing this lakorn. 💕

  14. Sumit Sarkar

    thanks so much for subbing this drama .

  15. Lara

    I can’t wait! Thank you so much, Thippy!

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