Title: Ngao Boon (The Shadows of the Merits)
Air Date: September 16, 2020 – Present
Total Episode: TBA
Cast: Om Akapan & Pim Pimprapa
Synopsis: Sita lost her father and must face the bad people that intend to steal her inheritance. The good thing she has her boyfriend Worachon as her moral support. Besides the bad people, she must also face her parents who became pretas (hungry ghosts) who received their karma with torture. The only way they can be free is for Sita to release all 12 types of pretas. How will Sita find a solution? And will forgiveness be the answer to their freedom or not?

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Soundtracks: Ngao Tee Mai Koey Jarng Haai | Mai Koey

STBT Special: Character Introduction



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  1. lee williams says:

    this has been a really stinky year. for me, dramas have really helped me stay sane. okay, lakorn and sane don’t usually belong in the same sentence, but this isn’t a usual year. dramas are something I can look forward to enjoying even when I can’t leave the house or I’m sick or I have no entertainment budget.
    I appreciate subbers and timers just as much as other essential workers. you help keep me going and don’t ask anything in return. I believe your meritorious deeds are enormous. thanks for helping me in this really tough time.
    like others, I don’t understand the rudeness of viewers who criticize or demand you work faster or sub their drama choices. thanks so much for being enlightened enough to ignore them. I’m sorry those of us who truly appreciate your hard work don’t comment as often as the self absorbed ingrates.
    I hope you continue to sub for years to come. however, if you stop today I’ll support whatever choice you make and be eternally grateful to ohsweethaven.
    and btw, Ngao Boon is so much fun and so educational. a great choice!
    Take care

  2. Thanx q soooooooo much, for your subs!! Bless You!!

  3. Uricity says:

    You know Thippy, even though this is YOUR site, I’m greatly annoyed for you of the people who consistently ask for you to sub a lakorn even when you have repeatedly stated YOU TAKE NO SUBBING REQUESTS. We non-Thai speakers are certainly lucky to have you. Please do ignore the ignorant folks. Hopefully they will take the initiative and finally read the FAQ & Rules tab. You’re doing fabulous work girl, just wanted to let you know.:)

    1. Thank you! <3

  4. Jennifer says:

    Woahhh thanks you so much πŸ™πŸ™ i am so waiting this lakorn,,,its look’s great story

  5. talakanaan says:

    Thank you, …. the episode ….. I want to suggest a drama …. its story is the same as Naqao Bon … your project now …. and the star himself too .. . please ….. can .. Drama broadcast …. prai sungkeet 2020

    1. I will not sub Prai Sungkeet

      1. ramamahmod says:

        Your permission … a story I liked especially for acting in a drama, a concert of equal numbers … I did not understand … I mean refusing to broadcast it … the drama … I love your translation, thank you … Gayo

      2. ramamahmod says:

        Thank you

      3. ramamahmod says:

        Hello ….. sorry inconvenience … I mean, you do not receive … requests ….. translate, you are nothing but a drama that you love …… sorry for disturbing a girl …. Tawfiq .. I am better

    2. ramamahmod says:

      If you please, the link is possible, a drama or a website that was broadcast … even it did not have a submarine … I want to watch it

  6. I am still sooooooooo much into PROM PISAWAT
    That I am unable differentiate in them as the nag’ek is the same
    BT thank you sooooooooo much fr subbing this β€πŸ–’πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜

  7. shefakanan says:

    Thanks…please drama thai prai sungkeet…πŸ€©πŸ‘Œ

  8. Airplay delayed …please….please…..download..wait anxiously for an episode

  9. Shefa Kaanan says:


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