Oum Rak Patiharn

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Title: Oum Rak Patiharn (Miracle of Love)
Air Date: September 18, 2022 – Present
Total Episodes: TBA
Casts: Donut Phattharapon & Meimei Thanyawee

Synopsis: Pheem’s closed off heart reopened again with Taengwaan’s appearance, Papaeng’s daughter, his ex-girlfriend whom he broke up with 5 years ago. Pheem tries to prove that Taengwaan is his daughter but because of the painful past arising from people close to him made Papaeng not accept him and built a wall against him, causing her loved ones to be in danger.
Soundtracks:  Yoot Tharm Jai Huajai by Chilling Sunday & Som Kuan Laew by Frama Thanavuch

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01 09/18/22 LINK
02 09/23/24 LINK
03 09/24/22
04 09/25/22
05 09/30/22
06 10/1/22
07 10/2/22
08 10/7/22
09 10/8/22
10 10/9/22
11 10/14/22
12 10/15/22
13 10/16/22
14 10/21/22
15 10/22/22
16 10/23/22
17 10/28/22


  1. melutu li

    They are taking too long time to upload new episodes

  2. EIK

    Wonderful new choice. I will patiently be waiting for the episodes whenever you can sub them. I know you always finish each project. Thank you again!

  3. Nanxim

    This one looks interestingly good so far

  4. Icca

    Hello hope to have new update for the new episodes

  5. Nai

    Are You Going to Sub Soundtracks also

  6. Irakun

    Any idea when this will be uploaded???

  7. Tyan

    I hope the first episode will be posted soon. Thank you!

  8. clarity

    Can’t wait to see MeiMei embracing the nang ek prime time role

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