Title: Prao (Proud)
Air Date:  October 9, 2014 – December 4, 2014
Total Episode: 17
Cast: Weir Sukollawat, Aum Patchrapa, S Kantapong
Synopsis: A Thailand superstar named Proud, who’s quite conceited and untouchable hence her name, finds herself caught in a murder mystery as she has witnessed a murder and is being chased after by the culprits. The superstar who has fear of getting shot dead ran away and got herself a bodyguard, an ex-cop named Somchai to protect her. Meanwhile, her manager, Frank has to face the media and find a solution to this problem. With his superstar missing Frank found a Proud lookalike by the name Min. The poor Min is hired by Frank to pretend to be the superstar in the meantime. This escalate the problem even more when there’s a reporter like Sutkhet questioning the fake Proud and seek to get to the bottom of the truth. (cr.mydramalist)


Note:  Before you ask where is the rest of the episodes, if all the episodes were done and subbed, I wouldn’t need to do this lakorn and I would have posted all episodes, no? This thread is under “current project” which means it’s CURRENTLY being subbed. #hello #commonsense



01 10/9/14 LINK
02 10/15/14 LINK
03 10/16/14
04 10/22/14
05 10/23/14
06 10/29/14
07 10/30/14
08 11/5/14
09 11/6/14
10 11/12/14
11 11/13/14
12 11/19/14
13 11/20/14
14 11/26/14
15 11/27/14
16 12/3/14
17 12/4/14


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    Thank you so much for your effort! Take whatever time you need: you should also be able to enjoy what you do at your own pace, and people who complain should learn how to appreciate your work.

  2. Ainn says:

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    Thank you! I fully understand what slow subbing means, 😉, no worries, take care and stay healthy!❤️

    1. Jen Co says:

      Thank you for subbing this drama. 😊 I fully understand what you have said. I’ll patiently wait for the next coming episodes. Su su! ❤️ Please take care of yourself too. 😊

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    Tq so much for ur hardwork.

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    Thank you thippy for taking this project, I’m longing for watch this lakorn, I read the synopsis on Mydramalist but Can’t find the subtitle..
    Thanks again

  7. Su su dear! This is a tough one.

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