Title: Rahut Rissaya (Love Code)
Air Date:  November 16, 2020 – January 25, 2020
Total Episode: 17
Cast: Bank Artit, Pinkploy Paparwadee, Great Sapol, Praew Chermawee
Synopsis: When the young heiress of a millionaire loses everything, including the murder of her parents and great wealth to her aunt and cousin, the reclamation and revenge began. By having a businessman who is the love interest of her cousin be a chess piece in this game. She used secret documents to expose his father’s evil deeds a compulsive tool. But intimacy leads to love. Before she was able to appreciate his love and knows how to forgive, everything was almost too late.

Teaser One | Teaser Two

Soundtrack: Wong Glom by Buachompoo Ford | Rahut Lup by Yoong



01 11/16/20 LINK
02 11/17/20 LINK
03 11/23/20 LINK
04 11/24/20 LINK
05 11/30/20 LINK
06 12/1/20 LINK
07 12/7/20 LINK
08 12/8/20 LINK
09 12/14/20 LINK
10 12/15/20 LINK
11 12/21/20 LINK
12 12/22/20 LINK
13 12/28/20 LINK
14 12/29/20 LINK
15 01/18/21
16 01/19/21
17 01/25/21


  1. Lolllli says:

    Can u do English substitles rabum maurn Lakron please I can’t find and English subtitles please pleases

  2. Hi, Thippy.
    Thanks for your hardwork. You’re amazing!
    Anyway, can I ask something? Why is the airing date for ep.15 & 16 on 18 & 19 January? I don’t know if I missed the news. So it means next week won’t be Rahut Rissaya on TV, will it? Remind me if I’m wrong.
    Thanks a bunch 🙏

    1. yes CH7 is taking their new years break so Rahut Rissaya won’t resume until Jan.18

      1. Daisy says:

        Just waiting for a week and I’m already impatience, and this will be two weeks. God, I’m dying for curiousity. Lol 😂
        By the way thanks for your reply, Tippy. Happy new year from Thai drama fans from Indonesia! God bless.

  3. Thank you again for subbing this one.

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