Rang Rak Prang Jai

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Title: Rang Rak Prang Jai (Trace of Hidden Love)
Air Date:  November 23, 2021 – Present
Total Episode: TBD
Cast: Donut Phattharapon & Pupe Kessarin
Synopsis: Because of the memories that were lost, SHE became a suspect in the murder case of her own husband. She tries to find the real murderer along with gaining her memories back with HIS help, her husband’s younger brother. Closeness blossomed into love but they must refrain themselves. The more they investigate, the closer they get to danger. Hidden truth, hidden love, everything will be revealed including a secret that everyone will be shocked by!

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01 11/23/21 LINK
02 11/29/21 LINK
03 11/30/21 LINK
04 12/6/21 LINK
05 12/7/21
06 12/13/21
07 12/14/21
08 12/20/21
09 12/21/21
10 12/27/21
11 12/28/21
12 01/3/22
13 01/4/22
14 01/10/22
15 01/11/22
16 01/17/22
17 01/18/22


  1. grace

    You are so good at this! Thank you, it’s really fun to watch.

  2. mayisoon

    Thanks for the subs, Thippy!

    This will be interesting. Based on the first episode alone, I’m guessing the nang’ek here is a younger twin sister of the P’Tiew’s wife, but we’ll have to wait and see how things develop.

    I’m hoping the Captain and Tian have a good plan to get more information; so far I’m not seeing how keeping so many things from her is helping. Like if you think she’s hiding something, wouldn’t hidden cameras make more sense if you’re trying to catch her out?

    Lol at them both being allergic to the grass flowers. Plus, if it’s cause for gossip for them to be kneeling in a grass field in the middle of the day, why don’t they need a chaperone for this house where only the two of them are staying in the middle of nowhere?!

    The editing and music transitions are a bit blunt; hoping they’ll smooth out a bit in the following episodes.

    1. thippy

      Yes, I think the one we see here is the younger sister, it will explain why the “personaility” is very different and why she doesn’t feel connected to her husband. Then we have the question if this Usa is the twin sister, how the hell did she ended up in the canal and where is the real Usa lol. Glad you are enjoying this lakorn and appreciate the feedback. Most of the time I dont get feedbacks of what I sub besides asking for the next episode :/

  3. Soraya S.

    Hi, Thippy. I saw in my dramalist that this lakorn only will have 10 episodes and not 17 episodes.

    1. thippy

      Unlikely it will be 10 episodes. That seems impossible for any ch7 lakorn lol. I only put 17 bc that is usually the duration, sometimes 18 but the least ch7 lakorns will go is 15. That’s why I put TBD for total episodes

    2. thippy

      Also, don’t always trust that page 🙂

  4. Ar

    Hi Thippy,
    Is there any possibility to add video quality preference like 240p or 360p or 480p while watching online because it is consuming more data for 1 episode

    1. thippy

      unfortunately not with the current servers I’m using but if you know a server to recommend (that isn’t the obvious server like Youtube, Facebook, dailymotion) I’m open to suggestions

      1. avaz

        Hi I suggest you “doodstream”

      2. thippy

        I am using that

      3. Ar

        Hi Thippy,
        I checked out some servers like Vimeo, Plex, Emby but mostly they are paid and free or we can say it as they are limited up to some stage
        Just kindly go through and check the servers plex, vimeo and if there is any possibility to host videos in these servers or not

  5. praj

    Just guessing here.. only way the brother can date his widowed sister-in-law is if the brother was gay.. otherwise this drama will be too weird..

  6. Sneha

    When will be the English subtitles will be available for Rang Ruk Prang Jai Episode 3???

    1. thippy

      please refrain yourself from asking for the next episode. It’ll be release when I’m done. If you want me to speed up the epiosde, would you like to try to time the episode itself then you’ll know it’s not an easy task to do?!

  7. Huda93

    Thanks for translation Thippy, you’re the best when it comes to English Sub 😍😍

  8. Sneha

    When will be the English subtitles will be available for episode 2 of Rang Rak Prang Jai???

  9. ouimama

    Wowow! What an INTERESTING exciting intriguing first episode! Thank you for dubbing this drama.

  10. heavenparadise2000

    another donut drama 😀

  11. Sneha

    When will be the end subtitles available for drama Rang Ruk Prang Jai

  12. vickie song

    This will be my first Pupe lakorn and I’m so exciting because the trailers look so good! Looking foward to watching this after the semester is over. Thank you for your hard work and happy holidays!

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