Future Projects

Please do note that the list can change at anytime. These are just ones that took my interest! I might just sub something out of the blue. Doesn’t have to be on this list.


  1. Ame

    Ok jao sao jumloey has got to be subbed😭😭 I love this pairing so much!!

    1. Ame

      Also, I know I sound so demaning but can you consider subbing barb rak talay fun 2017? I’ve been waiting years for it and it doesn’t seem to be finishing at all😭😭 sorry!!

  2. Fredrick Foley

    Can’t wait I am looking forward to all of these.

  3. Jessica

    Hope you will be taking on the project of subbing for “Song Sanaeha”… can’t wait, thanks a million~ =)

    1. Xmagine

      This site is absolutely wonderful!! Thanx q… for making this all possible!! ; )

  4. Ame

    You’re still gonna sub ubat rai ubat rak right?😭😭 please do if you have time, I’ve been waiting forever

    1. thippy

      Yes I will still be subbing it. After I finish Phipob Himmapan

      1. Ame

        omg thank you, bless you thippy!!😭😭🙏🙏

      2. munaatt

        Can you please find time to sub sapai jao sua starring please.

  5. xangnoona

    I’m super excited for Ubat Rai Ubat Rak I watch the first episode in youtube but I can not understand a thing 🙁

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