Future Projects

Please do note that the list can change at anytime. These are just ones that took my interest! I might just sub something out of the blue. Doesn’t have to be on this list.


  1. Khushi

    Who is going to sub krachao seeda from episode 8?

  2. Emmy Tran

    So excited for 2 Thisa’s new lakorn 😍

  3. Arelong

    I’m so excited to watch keb pandin 2020 will be aired soon on ch3 channel..May I know if anyone will subbed this lakorn??

  4. Shefaa

    Can you plzs upload KATHA SINGHwith English subtitles? If you have free time Thanks

    1. thippy

      That’s neko’s project πŸ™‚

      1. KJT Mix Fun

        Do you know what happened with Neko? She hasn’t posted anything for a really long time

      2. thippy

        I’m not sure. I hope she is okay too but I did heard she’s taking time off from subbing πŸ™‚ hopefully she will be back!


    Hello thippy, I want to ask you… are you going to present Khun Jaew Krapao Kai 2021? I think a drama was shown a short time ago.

    1. thippy

      it hasn’t aired


        Hello thippy..I know a drama that has not been shown..but its rights have been bought fpt play and it has no veistub branch at all.

        Here is a drama link in it

      2. thippy

        oh thats interesting!

  6. KJT Mix Fun

    Hi, Thippy. Just wanted to let you know that May December Romance is going to be available on Viu Malaysia πŸ™‚

    1. thippy

      Thanks for heads up πŸ™‚

    2. Shefaa kanaan

      (lakorn galaxy) she told me.. , she is taking some time away.

  7. Lyn

    The ones I am eagerly awaiting are Jao Sao Jumloey and Rahng Rak Prang Jai as I am a fan of both male leads. This leads me to another question but does anyone know of a subber doing Ruk Nirun Juntra. I am an avid fan of Ken. it was watching Majurat See Nampeung that first sent me on the magical trail of Thai dramas. May I also take a moment to address comments on Mydramalist re Bitter Kisses.
    I went looking to check out info re Barb Rak Talay Fun 2017 when I saw the subbing info published here. Was it a drama I’d wanted to watch ( I am a senior and my memory of Thai titles is not the best). So I read the synopsis and the reviews and there were quite a few comments describing Bitter Kisses as irresponsible and other negative terms. Surely by now we understand the Thai subbers are NOT professionals and, as we recently saw with our beloved Thippy, have many reasons why subbing must take a back seat to their lives. I was so disappointed to see Thai drama fans publicly insulting someone who has subbed even one episode of any Thai drama. Shame on them. We should be very grateful because I, for one, would have missed out on huge chunks of life enjoying the world of Thai dramas and, to some degree, seeing Thailand.


      Drama ruk nirun jun tra replaced by Viu Malaysia..also I’m a big Ken fan but honestly no I didn’t like the drama…it was talking a lot about villains….there is no chemistry between hero and heroine..and also not much romance..in short For the first time, Ken Bakhtar is a drama that does not suit him..his role..also, I needed more episodes to understand..because..a story that differs from .acting..for me, this is a drama produced by C.

      1. Lyn

        Thank you for the response. I wasn’t a great fan of the last I saw, Mee Piang Rak, and thought there was no real chemistry although I am a fan of the FL in that one. Howver, I was not a fan of the FL in Ruk Nirun Jun Tra, based only on one drama, Paya Korn Sorn Ruk as I was disappointed in the chemistry with James ( Jirayu) another of my fav eg Game Sanaeha. Please excuse any spelling errors. Again, sincerely thank you for responding to me.

  8. Rosemary Ndidi

    Can you plzs upload HONGSUTAI MAAI LAYK 6 with English subtitles? Thanks

    1. KJT Mix Fun

      Since it’s ONE31!, most likely they are going to release subs when episode 7 gets telecasted.

      1. thippy

        Thank you for replying even though I don’t take requests

      2. noortarqpppp

        hello my love….i would like to thank Thippy for the great effort….i want to ask about thai drama ruk niran jantra do you know who can replace it or not…i think neko won’t do

  9. Ame

    Ok jao sao jumloey has got to be subbed😭😭 I love this pairing so much!!

    1. Ame

      Also, I know I sound so demaning but can you consider subbing barb rak talay fun 2017? I’ve been waiting years for it and it doesn’t seem to be finishing at all😭😭 sorry!!

      1. ub

        Barb Rak Talay Fun 2017 is getting subbed by 1fanthailakorn. 4 episodes subbed till now. You can check it out on FB page of 1fanthailakorn.

      2. KJT Mix Fun

        It’s currently getting subbed by 1fanthailakorn FB page

  10. Fredrick Foley

    Can’t wait I am looking forward to all of these.

  11. Jessica

    Hope you will be taking on the project of subbing for “Song Sanaeha”… can’t wait, thanks a million~ =)

    1. Xmagine

      This site is absolutely wonderful!! Thanx q… for making this all possible!! ; )

  12. Ame

    You’re still gonna sub ubat rai ubat rak right?😭😭 please do if you have time, I’ve been waiting forever

    1. thippy

      Yes I will still be subbing it. After I finish Phipob Himmapan

      1. Ame

        omg thank you, bless you thippy!!πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ™πŸ™

      2. munaatt

        Can you please find time to sub sapai jao sua starring please.

  13. xangnoona

    I’m super excited for Ubat Rai Ubat Rak I watch the first episode in youtube but I can not understand a thing πŸ™

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