Future Projects

Please do note that the list can change at anytime. These are just ones that took my interest! It also does not mean I’m claiming these lakorns. Any subber is free to sub whatever they wish.  


  1. cybord

    Hi Thippy, just a quick question: do you have interest in subbing old lakorns (90’s and 2000’s)?

    1. thippy

      I do! But only if quality is decent enough and if the storyline is good enough

  2. Edith

    HI Thippy im wondering if you can sub my beloved in law please….thank you

  3. Kem

    can anyone please sub the “Shadow Enemy” of Kem Hussawee (?) it’ll be released tomorrow. hoping for a great response. Thank you 🙌🏻

  4. Sara Anwar

    Please if you have time can you think of calling a drama..hong fah 2022 The real reason I think it will be a great show.

  5. Kayla N Bates

    I saw in a post awhile ago that you might be subbing Madame Baan Na is that true cause I think it would be a great show.

    1. thippy

      nope won’t sub it anymore

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