Hello again, how is everyone during this pandemic?
It’s been a tiring and overwhelming situation for the past few days. I wanted to do a post so that the site doesn’t look weird with the “Nothing Found” in the front and get people confused, having to find nothing when the categories are up in the menu if they actually looked around! First & foremost, I thank everyone for all the encouragement the past few days. I didn’t expect a whole lot but I really appreciate it. Like I said before and I cannot stress it enough that it’s going to take a lot of time to bring back every single one of my past lakorns. A part of me don’t even want to actually because it’s too much and tbh, I’m a lazy person. I’m that type where it’s done, it’s done. It’s gone then it’s gone. But then a part of me is also telling me to do it because my ass worked hard on subbing, encoding, uploading. So yeah, it’s gonna take awhile and all I’m asking for is patience and understanding.

Secondly, not sure if anyone looked and read it but I did put up some new rules in the FAQ & Rules section. Please read it. I’ve been spamming quite a few and this site wasn’t even opened for long. I have quite a few things going on so I’m not going to tolerate comments related to topics I’ve repeated MULTIPLE TIMES about. Stuff such as requesting a lakorn I have no interest in subbing. For example, My Husband in Law. If I was interested in that lakorn, you would see it in the current project or it’s added to the future list. Do you see it in either? No? Well there’s your answer! NO! The only request you can do is lakorns that were subbed by me! What lakorns are those? Well there’s too many so I don’t even remember by heart haha! But I usually recognize the name if mention it. Now this doesn’t mean questions and concerns are not allowed, they are allowed. Just make sure it’s related to this site.

Lastly, for now, I am doing hardsub because I feel like when I was doing softsub, I got so much complaints for various reasons and because of this pandemic going around, I decided to be nice and focus on hardsubbing everything. Soft subbing is a little extra work and I don’t have time for extra work. So enjoy it while it lasts because I have no problems switching back to softsubs and I won’t be so nice and consiederate then. With hardsubbing comes servers. Servers work for some and don’t work for others. It’s really tricky because there’s not a lot of servers out there that will provide unlimited storage and that are free of price and adfree. Those complaining about ads being popped up, there’s a thing called adblock where you can install on PC, laptop, mobile devices. Google it and see what fits best with your device. There’s two I go back and forth on right now and if you know any other servers out there besides YOUTUBE, FACEBOOK, TELEGRAM, comment down below. I will look through it and consider. Dailymotion works for some older lakorns and I don’t think it works for any newer ones. So that is up in the air right now. I’ve post it in the rule section but I’ll post it here again. If you come across an error where video can’t play, my advice is to reload the page, try different servers, or clean out your cache. If you don’t know how to do that, google has the answer! If a video is loading too slow, chances are again your cache is full, internet connection is not great, or you have too many tabs up of other stuff. I’m not a tech person but I’ll try to help when I can. Or other viewers here can probably advise you as well.

I apologize for having to write a lot but if you’ve read every single word and paragraphs, thank you.
Stay safe & healthy, TP.

P.S. Did everyone meet Dumbo yet?