Yes! I am back with my usual lakorn review. I know I have past lakorns that needs to be reviewed too but I’ll start with this one because it’s still fresh in my head. Plus I also want to close this chapter of subbing completely and not want to open it back up again. By the sound of that, you can probably guess how I felt about this lakorn 😆 Without delaying, let’s just jump on it!


Yes you guessed right. I did not like this lakorn but surprisingly this lakorn isn’t so bad compared to another lakorn I will review soon. I apologize that this took long to finish. I usually don’t take this much time finishing a lakorn but as most of you know during the summer, my dad was in and out of the hospital so that delayed my whole subbing routine. On top of that, this lakorn was not interesting and the timing team didn’t like it either so it made it even more slow hahahaha. Now some of you are wondering, then why did you wanted to sub it then? Well, when I first saw Kem and Cartoon photos, I thought they looked good. Cartoon is a new actress and I’m always excited when new actors and actresses debut cuz you don’t know what they will bring to the table. My only hesitation during that time was the production. I never watched this production before (Coliseum Inter Group or whatever) but I have come across snippets of their production of other lakorns and I should have said no to PK but because I’m open minded and was willing to give this production a chance, I went for it. The outcome: I fucken hate it! I’m not the type of person to drop a project either unless I really have to under serious certain circumstances.

The storyline to this lakorn is very simple and repetitive like your usual Thai action lakorn. Praek goes undercover as a bad guy trying to expose and arrest some mafia drug dealers. You had snitchers on both good guys and bad guys side so you’re trying to guess who is the snitch. Fighting over a drug named Blue Hawaii. I don’t know about you guys but I always get confused when there’s a huge cast and you’re trying to remember who is who 😆. This lakorn had a huge cast and to think supporting characters aren’t significant, in this lakorn they’re significant because there’s so many groups of mafia and they each play a role in the plot. One of the plot that took me by a little surprise is they made Aof’s character (Romran) a mole because apparently he was the son of this one couple that one of the bad guy Komet killed. Komet killed his parents and raised the son having him make his drug dealing business a lot easier. I was suspicious of everyone in that unit but I didn’t suspect him so that’s why he took me by surprise. What was disappointing was when they made him redeem and repent because later on he found out that Komet was the one that killed his parents so he kinda didn’t want to work for him anymore but dude, damage was already done. You killed officers and people. Redemption is good for everyone but I just wished they kept him bad 😅 One other plot I found that was unnecessary and confusing was the switch of Santi pretending to be Alice’s dad. So Alice’s dad and Santi look exactly alike so he had his doctor friend remove the permanent scar on his face and then killed Alice’s dad in a car explosion and took the identity of her dad. FOR WHAT???? WHAT WAS THE FUCKEN PURPOSE OF THAT?! He made everyone believe he’s dead but took someone’s identity to continue selling drugs? MAKE NO DAMN SENSE TO ME! There were a lot of bad guys and most of them died. The ones that were left towards the end, I found died so easily 😑. Some got arrested though. Don’t you hate it when there’s certain bad guys in lakorns and somehow they keep on winning but when it comes towards the end where good guys are supposed to win, they fucken die so easily and you’re like “that’s it?” Overall, the storyline was simple but they tried too hard to make it a bang and I wasn’t having it 🤣.

On to the acting….sighs…I like Kem. I really do. I believe he can improve but not if he keeps accepting lakorns from this damn production! Is he contracted to them? His resume, 80% of his works belongs to them and I’m just like why? Watching this lakorn, what’s so cringey about his acting is when he’s trying to be goofy and funny. OMG, it was so cringey for me and I was like 😖😖😖. Kem should just stick to doing romantic dramas, no comedy, no action for him please. He recently said he’s taking a break from action and I’m like then who is the praek in that lakorn with Hana Lewis then????? Like I don’t mind action lakorns in terms of subbing because there’s less dialogues but this production sucks at action. The fighting scenes are loose if that makes any sense. All over the place and not realistic. If this was Nine Bever, it would have been better. Kem should shift to that production instead. Cartoon, as you all know, she’s a new actress and this was her debut. I usually give a pass for newbies but it doesn’t mean I won’t criticize them. The problem I had with her is her facial expression. I can’t really explain it. When she’s talking, most of the time she has this expression like she’s thinking. She squints her eyes and mouth. Can’t explain lol. The cringey part is when she’s talking to herself and you can tell it’s acting. She needs to loosen up and be more natural. Her fighting scenes are actually better than Kem’s 🥶.

No chemistry. Lesson learned, just because they look good in photos does not mean they will have onscreen chemistry LOL. I guess it has to do with the genre too. But then it’s really hard to see Kem having chemistry with his nangeks. That’s on him 🙃.When there’s no chemistry and their love story is bleh, I become bleh. I mean they have development in your typical action lakorn but when you don’t care about the first main lead, you would hope the second leads will at least be helpful. But the second leads were worse! In the beginning, Romran showed some kind of interest in Alice and there was no screen time of him with his nangek Mu. I mean they do have screen time together but it wasn’t showing any signs of development and then one day in one of the episodes, Romran and Mu ends up sleeping together and after that he became distant because the writer was trying to reveal he is the mole in their unit. I’m like what???? WHERE WAS THE DEVELOPMENT??????? You can’t just take a girl’s virginity like that when you showed no interest in her from the get go. I guess the writer was trying to show he was just using her maybe? I don’t know man. It didn’t show that he stopped liking Alice and at the end of the episode when he finally got arrested, he was saying he loves Mu. At least with Mu, it did showed she had interest in Romran. I don’t even wanna talk about the third couple because they were too cheesy but they did have development. But who cares about seconds or third couple right? 😂 The only couple that I found more interesting and I so wished he showed up sooner was Saran and Nina. Euro made a cameo towards the end who plays Captain Saran. Nina is one of the girls that also went under cover as a bad guy but she’s actually a cop. I guess these two started dating during their missions together but kinda broke up because Saran was playing his role undercover too real according to Nina but they rekindled their relationship shortly after when he came to help her in her mission. I felt their ending didn’t have an official closure either compared to the other couples but I guess it didn’t matter because they were just side characters I supposed lol.

They wasted so much time on fighting and shooting that the ending of our leads was a bit rushed. Not that I mind because I wanted it to be over hahahahah but yes the leads have a happy ending. Thank you to the timing team for putting up with this lakorn. To those that did enjoy this lakorn, good. At least my time wasn’t wasted LOL. Never again with this production unless my favorites are in it but even then, I will have to consider really hard 🤪 (This production reminds me of Bangkok Audio Vision, an upgraded version but still sucks at the end )

** What lakorn should I review next?