Reuniting again as for the hot “koojin” couple Pon Nawasch and Bua Nalinthip in the romantic drama “Praomook”. Pon plays the role of Chalantorn who has a foul mouth and has a stubborn mouth that doesn’t align with his heart and doesn’t want to marry the duckling Praomook, a strong minded woman that never backs down from Chalantorn’s tricks and schemes. In the script, the two would always bicker leaving trails of comedy, drama, and love scenes, full of anticipation for the fans.

 It’s been a long time since Trabab See Chompoo

Pon: “Yes. After Trabab See Chompoo, we waited about 3 years, including the fitting, filming, and editing, it took about 3 years to be done. I feel happy. I want to thank them for waiting even though it took long. They probably saw the cuteness, the chemistry and other things. We’re happy and we worked hard to make it turn out the best. I’m happy about the feedbacks and that they like it.”

The feedback to Praomook is better than expected

Bua: “I’m very happy. At first we were anticipating as well. I’m also a watcher as well and anticipating how the story will unfold. Once the lakorn aired and I received the feedbacks, they tell me it was worth the wait. I feel okay, very happy that the feedbacks are good.”

The fans misses Pon-Bua ship so much

Pon: “I’m happy. At least I still have chemistry with her. It gets the fans emotionally invested and like us. I feel pressured because ever since Trabab See Chompoo, they told me that we’re a koojin and we look good together. I felt pressured ever since we did the fitting for Praomook, I was worried if it was going to turn out great or not. Will it be good like before? It’s just a small pressure but it’s not to the point of pressuring myself. I did my best to have a good outcome.”

You’re working together again as a koojin

Pon: “She does well in her work. Especially in this drama, I got to see that she did her homework and we’re able to exchange the dialogues well. It’s very laid back on set.”

Bua: “I feel like for the past three years that we both went on to do our solo projects, he’s grown up. His determination is still the same. He’s still disciplined like before. What I’m impressed about him is probably his determination because we’re both determined. Which is wanting this lakorn to turn out great and be a success. So we have the same goal. We get along as we work together.”

Playing the role of Chalantorn/Praomook

Pon: “It’s a character I’ve never played before. Chalantorn is very confident in himself. He doesn’t like people telling him what to do. And he would spite people if being forced to do so. He has a vulgar mouth, a stubborn one. He just blurt things out. (Like you Pon?) Gosh! We’re not the same! [laughs] I’m quiet sometimes, don’t like to talk much. I say things when I have to but I don’t blurt out things. But Chalantorn is very blunt. But he has a cute side to him when he’s alone or when he’s with his mother. He makes assumptions of things and likes to imagine things. That’s the comedy side which I had to make adjustments. I seek advice with the director and ask him how much comedy does he want. Do I have to over react or should I just meet half way.”

Bua: “I have to say this character is far from me. In the story I have to play a DJ that is very charming and has that sex appeal. For me, it’s difficult to a level. People see me as this prim and sweet person. It’s a turn of character for me so I was concerned when we were shooting. Especially the DJ scenes and I had to dance. My fans know that I don’t get along with music that much so I had to go learn on how to be a DJ. At least I had to learn the technicality and be able to do it on my own. I get confused with my own body. Like when I dance, I don’t know how to move it. So I went and took dance lessons to get to know my body a bit more. I did everything I could because I wanted it to come out the best.”

What do you like most about Chalantorn/Praomook?

Pon: “I like his stubbornness and his assumptions on things. His imaginations. It makes the character interesting and it shows what this character is actually thinking.”

Bua: “I like her heart. She’s strong minded and a fighter. No matter what problems she faces, she’s ready to collide and face it. She never gives up so I feel this character has endurance and a lot of patience.”

FIN (fluffy/cute) scenes

Pon: “There’s fin scenes in Praomook. It’s not your typical cute and fluffy scenes. It’s those scenes where the audience might find it cute but the ones playing it is tired. [laughs] Because there’s actions involved like in the teaser, there’s a head lock and we were so serious about that scene. If you ask was it tiring? Yes it was. It was like a real action scene that required a lot of energy. We made it look real so that’s the fun to it. It makes the audience like it. There’s a lot of bickering and fighting. Both verbally and physically.”

Bua: “Considered a very heated love scene [laughs] We’re tired after every scene. Your typical love scenes, it might look cute and have these cute moments. But ours is like we’re hitting each other and then it turns into a romantic scene. It requires a lot of energy. P’Nai our director is very detailed and wants to have the best outcome, the cutest outcome. So we have to use a lot of force in kicking each other to fall off the bed, pulling the leg, pulling the head, jump to kick [laughs]. So it doesn’t really look like a love scene, it’s more like an action scene. We run out of energy because we want to have the best outcome without having to do a lot of takes.”

If in real life you have to get married to fix your horoscope?

Pon: “First off, I would need to look at the reasons for it. But do I believe in these things? Partially. I don’t disrespect it. I have to look at the reasons and then do what my parents want. If I really have to get married then so be. If a lot of people mention it to me and there’s enough reasons for it then probably will get married. If someone were to tell me, like a warning sign and stuff, I would be extra careful.”

Bua: “To be honest, I wouldn’t want to get married. With the fact that we’re in this era, I feel we are supposed to choose our own happiness. But if it’s a really necessary situation, it’s hard to say. Because we don’t know what we’re going to face at that moment. But we still have to gradually resolve the situation until everything is okay.”

If you meet a stubborn guy like in the story, what methods will you use to win him over?

Bua: “Probably do the same like Praomook. To make Chalantorn love Praomook, I think she’s someone that does everything with sincerity. She’s not using force because she knows he doesn’t like being forced. So she does everything sincerely so you’ll see that she’s not deceiving him.”

Some good insights that the audience will get from watching Praomook

Pon: “Praomook is about love. Understanding within families. Chalantorn is someone who is under pressure, got insulted from childhood. Encouraging one another in the family is better than pressure. It can improve family relationships by encouraging each other.”

Bua: “For me I think if for love it’s like saying love is not a game. We can’t compare love with who will lose or win because there is no such word. I think when it comes to love, you really need to use your heart. And also in the family matters it makes us know that no matter what problem we face, if the family is there to support you whether the problem is big or small, it will give us strength to continue to fight.”

Clips on Instagram that you like watching

Pon: “Skateboarding and surf. There’s a lot of these videos that pops up. I want to go surf down south so that’s what I’m interested in right now so there’s a lot of these clips. I went there last October so I want to go again because that was the first time I surfed. After I surfed, I want to do surfskate. I know the basics of it so I want to go to get the feeling of it.”

Bua: “Often it would be clips on techniques on how to take nice photos because I like taking photos. Normally I like getting ideas and methods to take a photo and see what I can do with it.”

Stress relief activities

Pon: “Watch movies, listen to music, and playing games. I like watching comedy movies to relieve stress. We’re alreade stressed enough right now with the different situation going on. I like watching comedies anyways. And I also like watching mysteries and investigations. I really like this one kdrama called Flower of Evil. It’s really interesting.”

How long do you spend on social media for one day?

Pon: “Not long but I would constantly be on it [laughs]. When I’m free, I would be on it. I’m not someone that would grab my phone and be on it for a long time. It’ll be about like 5 minutes max but constantly. But when my lakorns go on air, it’ll be for awhile because I’ll help get trending on Twitter until my hands crinkled [laughs].”

Bua: “I’m on it often. But I try to remind myself to go do other things too and not be on it all the time. And when I observe myself, I realize that my concentration is becoming more short. I used to be able to concentrate on one thing for a long time but now I can’t stay focus. When I realized it, I try to find something to do in order to practice concentration. For example, at home I would practice coloring. It helps me by not touching my phone for a few hours. It’s actually a good thing.”

Your favorite series or movie you want to recommend

Bua: “There’s a lot that I like. But if you want me to pick one right now, I can only think of Hotel Del Luna. This series made me cry so much because it’s life after death. There’s family involved, your significant other, different problems. You get good insights from watching it. It teaches us that while being alive, you need to do things for yourself and the people that you love.”

What is your phone lockscreen?

Pon:I think you should know. (Is it Lisa Blackpink?) Yes it is. (What do you like about Lisa?) I like her cuteness. I like someone who looks cute when they smile so I like her. Plus she’s also very talented.”

A sentence you would say to Lisa

“I’m your fan [laughs]. I don’t know either what I would say if I met her. I’ll probably be stunned and don’t know what to do. I’m like dead seeing her in photos already [smiles shyly].”

Bua: “I have to open and see [laughs]. It’s a colored wallpaper that says slow down on it. (Why this wallpaper?) It doesn’t have a meaning to it but I just don’t like using human photos. I like using colored wallpapers. Easy for the eyes.”

Your favorite menu at the moment

Bua: “Probably tom yum noodles. I’ve always loved it. Before when we were able to go to restaurants and eat, I would go to different kinds that were recommended to go try it out.”

Leave your work to the fans

Pon: “I’ll leave you with Praomook. It’s airing right now. It’s one of my lakorns that I worked really hard on. It’s an interesting lakorn and worth following up on. Good visuals and good locations. We flew to South Korea to film some scenes too. All the staff and casts did their best. So please stay tuned. I also have Gep Paendin. We’ve been filming for quite awhile now. With various situations including the weather and the seasons that is not very conducive because we have to shoot outdoors all the time. It’s another different character I have to play. I play a soldier in which I have to make people believe I am a soldier. I had to go to the workshop to observe the personality of the soldiers before filming. (Do you have go learn the Karenic language?) Oh, I play a Thai soldier. I didn’t have to go learn much. I play a soldier that knows quite about the Karen people. We’re not done shooting yet. We have about 6 cues left but still can’t film it. We need a lot of extras. They’re nothing but big scenes. Actually it’s scheduled to air but we’re not done shooting yet. If it wasn’t for the next covid wave that hit, we would have been done on May 5th. I also have Koo Wayn. I play the role Nick, an IT guy at a law firm. I play alongside Patricia Good. We’re friends so there’s comedy, trouble, indifferences involved. We’re almost done filming as well so please stay tuned.”

Bua: “I’ll leave you with Praomook. People will get to see a different character for me. All of us worked hard on this. Every episode just gets better and more intense. So please tune in to it.”


Eng Translation by Thippy

Source: Kazzmagazine