Hello all! I’m back with another review and it’s a dreading one! Probably one of the worse lakorns I have come across for the 20+ years that I have watched lakorns! (Not exaggerating either lol) How bad you ask? Let’s find out.

Disclaimer: A lot of confusion

When I first heard of the lakorn, I was immediately interested because of Chingching. The name caught my attention because it had the word “plerng” in it. For those that don’t know, plerng in Thai means like flame/fire. So I immediately thought “ooh it’s going to be feisty and spicy!” I WAS COMPLETELY WRONG!!!!!!!!! I don’t even know how the title relates to the lakorn besides having it be nangek’s name but she wasn’t fierce…well, she was towards the villains but that’s about it. Or maybe because Taantawan means the sun so it shines light on people and they were trying to make nangek be like the sun where it’s strong and will find the good in people ๐Ÿ™„ so this story is about our nangek Taantawan who owns a vineyard and resort in Khao Yai and she always collides with her business rival Terdtai Vineyard who always will try to take over her land for illegal purposes. So then praek Virut comes in and becomes her sales manager and then later became her investor. (Virut was sent by Taantawan’s estranged father to come take care of her and her mother but Taantawan doesn’t know this yet) Throughout the story they run into problems with their rivals. Your typical simple lakorn plot.
That wasn’t the problem I had. The problems I had with this lakorn was ONE the inconsistency. OMFGGGGGG!!!!! There were certain scenarios where I felt were edited backwards or it keeps going in circles. For instance, there’s an episode where Taantawan had asked her mom who was the man that came to the vineyard (referring to her dad) and her mom didn’t say anything so she’s like “he’s my father isn’t he?” then she says she hates him which I thought was such a strong word. SO I ASSUMED SHE FIGURED IT OUT THAT HE WAS HER FATHER but episodes later, she asked her mom again who that man was and I’m like huh????? I thought you fucken knew already who he is and she keeps saying she hates him and will never forgive him for “abandoning” them. Btw, he had his reasons for not being there for her and her mom because the wife he’s married to threatened to kill them if she ever found out he was in contact with them still, thus he sent Virut to take care of her. She was willing to forgive the woman that almost tried to kill her and other people that did her wrong but wouldn’t forgive her dad who had good reasons for not being there for her? ๐Ÿ˜’ okay whatever. She eventually did at the end though.
Another thing I found annoying was…okay so I mentioned on Twitter that if there’s no how or when in the lead’s relationship development in lakorns then what is the motherfucking point in the love story?! There’s no point in feeling their love when obstacles occur. That shit happened in this lakorn. So our leads met in episode 1 where he rescued her from the villains that were trying to kill her. That’s how Virut pretended to apply to be the sales manager at her vineyard then became an investor. Throughout the episodes 1-3, they didn’t have any moments like you would see in thai lakorns. They only shared glances. (Reminds me of NangRai but I was ok with that lakorn bc at least Boom and Now had chemistry) So when episode 4 came, Virut already telling Taantawan that he loved her and I’m like ๐Ÿคจ๐Ÿคจ๐Ÿคจ Side note: he is forced to get married to Saikwan who is his fiancee who he willingly dated and got engaged to but somehow in those three episodes he fell out of love for Saikwan and fell in love with Taantawan. Bruh ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„ So all those times where they had their moments of “we can’t be together, I can’t be the third wheel, blah blah” I was so fucken annoyed because I did not feel their so called grand love for each other because the development was missing! I felt they didn’t have any chemistry either so there’s another point deducted.
The third major thing I hated about this lakorn was the focus on Saikwan, the nangrai who turned good towards the end. I swear she shared more screen time with her guy than Chingching did. Saikwan’s character was so fucken annoying and stupid! The actress Sky Maria was also bad so it made her role even more annoying! She’s a newbie but I feel she suits to be nangrai more than nangek but CH7 is promoting her to be nangek with BigM in Morlum Summer, one of my favorite romcom and I’m like ๐Ÿ˜ถ. Anyways, back to Saikwan. Like I mentioned before, Saikwan is Virut’s fiancee who was explained that her and Virut were happily in love while living overseas so she moves to Taantawan Vineyard to prevent her fiance getting stolen from Taantawan. Like she was possessive of him and always accusing Taantawan of this and that. This partcular plot was going in circles and never got anywhere. She also kept asking Arthit, the vineyard’s manager to help separate our leads apart but he never gave an answer. Like it shows him thinking about it but the camera takes us to another scene and then her aksing him again on another day shows up in the other epiosdes and I’m like are you gonna help her or not? Like say something! Then when he finally agrees, it shows later on in the episode implying he didn’t agree? Guys, it’s just all messy and confusing at this point. These two had a better development in their relationship than our leads but if you know me, you know that I careless about second leads, third leads, even fourth. The inconsistency for them was also obvious. It was so annoying how everyone was trying to convince Saikwan that Tuptai was evil but this bish kept hanging around him. There was a point where she almost got raped by him and Taantawan and the others went to go save her ass. She knew that Taantawan saved her and KNEW THAT TUPTAI DRUGGED HER but the next day, she acted like she didn’t know what happened (I thought she was pretending with Tuptai) but this bish actually didn’t know that he did it and I’m like ??????? Also Arthit confessed his love to Saikwan when she was about to jump off the building, but then when they got back to the vineyard afterward, it seemed like he didn’t confess because the way he was treating her and he said something (forgot the dialogue) implying he didn’t say it???? If you’re reading this and you’re confused, it’s okay because I was confused!
Another thing I didn’t like was Taantawan was so adamant to help reconcile Arthit and Saikwan as if she owed them anything which btw their relationship was not in hot waters. If anything at that point in the lakorn they were just sulking. I’m like girl focus on your own relationship that was missing a how and when. Like it would make much more sense if Saikwan was her sister or half sister or whatever to put this much attention to them but Saikwan was just a guest. Like she cared too much about Saikwan’s feelings. The villain plot in the story was very weak as well. All they fucken did throughout the whole lakorn was trying to get Taantawan to sell her land and they tried many tricks but all failed. Like it was just a weak contribution to the whole lakorn and it kept going in circles. I don’t even want to get into the details! I was also mad and annoyed at Duangkaew who basically ditched working at Taantawan Vineyard to go work with Tuptai because she “loved” him. This girl in the beginning had no self respect or love. He beats the crap out of her and he rmom but she still loves him. Was even willing to get pregnant hoping he would change to be a better man but nope. She also killed nangek’s grandma just because Tuptai said he’ll make her his exclusive wife. WRONG! Thankfully she repented at the end when she finally realizes what an ass Tuptai is, after he killed her mom and their child.
I’m trying to think of what’s good about this lakorn and honestly I don’t see anything that’s good lol. Usually in lakorns, they usually lack one thing so another factor stands out. This lakorn lacked all the important factors. I mentally gave up in episode 4 onwards when Virut had told Taantawan he loved her. I wish I can go back and never touched this lakorn. I wish that I would have dropped it but you know it’s done now. It’s over. I’m moving on. Thank you if you read this far. Special shout to the timing team for fighting this together. Thank you to everyone that actually finished this lakorn with us. See you in my next review. Can you guess which?