Teerak! Teerak! Teerak! πŸ₯°πŸ₯° πŸ₯° That was the hit word most people should have been familiar with if you have watched both versions of Wong Wien Huajai. Gosh it’s May already and it felt like it just ended like yesterday. The Weir version was a hit then and this latest remake was also a hit. I apologize if this review took awhile to be written out. Been literally busy. I have to admit I don’t remember shit from Weir’s version except for a few scenes in the last episode so I can’t really say which version was better wholeheartedly. I mean I can go back and watch Weir’s version but I cannot stand the stauration in that lakorn πŸ˜‚. But from other fans that remember the previous version vividly and have watched the recent version, majority of them did say PorsheNow version is way better due to the acting, the certainty in character’s feelings and more fluffy and “gukgik” scenes of our leads and nonsilliness like the casket flying out from the ground hahahahaha. Also they took out the rape scene and no it wasn’t because of Mia Jum Pben backlash. The screenwriter took it out the moment she knew CH7 was remaking it so this was back during the first hit of covid in 2020 ☺️.

Before we get into further detail, let’s go back to the beginning. Now y’all know that I love Porshe & Now ever since Sai Lohit and bc of that tragic ending, I was manifesting for them to reunite in a modern lakorn asap and when CH7 announced the cast of WWH, I was literally screaming on discord! I mean I didn’t care about the lakorn they were casted in, I was just happy they were reuniting. CH7 could have put them in a crappy ass lakorn and I probably would have enjoyed it bc Porshe & Now would have made it work. Once the lakorn started to air, I was not disappointed of their reunion and it was worth the wait and the hype I have caused upon myself. I went crazy and obssessed for a couple weeks alone and I needed someone to talk to so I DMed a mutual on Twitter and we started chatting about possibilities and different scenarios that should, could, and would have happened. From there I started Teerak Dungeon and more girls started to join. If you’re reading this and you’re part of that dungeon, HI! It was so fun reading everyone’s thoughts and scenarios hahaha even though majority of them didn’t happen 🀣.Β WWH is probably the first lakorn that I woke up at 5am weekly just to catch live. If that aint dedication then I don’t know what is! And I don’t regret it one bit!

Porshe & Now have instant chemistry. We all witnessed that from Sai Lohit and from behind the scenes. It did not decrease either in WWH. Perhaps there was more chemistry here. Their acting was also on point, better than Weir & Pinky in my opinion. Majority of the fans also liked this version of Tos and Bow better because for instant Bow was clear on her feelings between Pong and Tos. Once Pong cheated on her, she was done with him but Pong in the ass was the nuisance. (We’ll talk about him later). This Bow was also stronger emotionally and physically. I mean the girl earned a blackbelt. Did y’all see that ending where she kicked Baitong and fighting Baitong’s minions? Like other nangeks needs to be strong like Bow. Tos in this version was also smart. Well….majority of the time. He despised Baitong from the beginning, he lived up to that feeling til the end even when he was spiting Bow. 😬 Also I was told that Tos & Bow in this version have more sweet scenes and more playful than the previous. They dived deeper into their relationship and it made sense for them to feel angry, disappointed, when the other person hurt them whether intentionally or unintentionally. I’m just sad that Porshe is no longer at CH7 so we won’t get to see them in a lakorn together again until maybe Now goes freelance in the future πŸ˜… Porshe is probably her best chemistry alongside Michael.

Another character that did a phenomenal job and should be recognized is Film Chatdao who plays Film. OMG, this Baitong was beyond crazy. I was taken aback by Film’s performance like damn, this girl deserves an award. She’s so sweet in person but once she became Baitong, it’s like bitch get away from me πŸ˜† She probably nailed this role better than Jib did in the previous version by miles. Actually everyone’s acting was good in here even the child actor Nong Zen who plays Phong. Everyone except for Tyfoon who plays as Pong πŸ˜’. Like I’ve never watched his previous work so I don’t know his acting is for other characters but here in this lakorn, I can’t—-Even the child actor acts better than him. Like how can someone be so monotone and talks so slow? Like I’ve watched his interview in behind the scenes and stuff and he talks normal so why couldn’t he do the same for his character????? And it didn’t help that his character Pong was such an ass and such thick face!!!!!!!!! Errrr talking about him gets me rattled up! I hate it when he’s in scenes with other actors, it’s like watching a seesaw that can’t be moved because one person is heavier than the other. Tyfoon represents the one that can’t go down because he’s too weak. So if anyone wants to come at me and say this actor or that actress sucks at acting, well I give you Tyfoon. Find someone that will beat him and I’ll stfu. The only thing that was okay was he didn’t have a hideous hair like Pol did in the other version πŸ˜‚. That role was given to Chai in this version.

I know there were some scenes that were illogical and I don’t want to get into it. Not just for this lakorn but lakorns in general because what’s the fun of enjoying a lakorn if we’re going to nitpick at stuff that doesn’t make sense. Lakorns in general are supposed to make you forget about the real world for just a moment, at least that’s what I’m assuming so don’t talk to me about logic. If I want to talk about logic, I’ll initiate it πŸ€“. Anyways, this lakorn probably ranks in my top list of 2021 best lakorn this year. If you have watched both version, let me know in the comment which version you liked better and don’t be bias 😏 only I get to be bias πŸ€ͺ.

Once again thanks to CCCS team for helping me time. They’ve worked so hard! Thank you to everyone else for the glj (gumlungjai) ❀️❀️❀️. See you all in my next review πŸ˜‰