[Review] Talay Luang

Hi all! Yes, that’s right. I decided to go back to my normal review after I finish subbing a lakorn instead of waiting at the end of the year to write about it because by that time comes, I won’t be able to remember much and the feelings and opinions I have won’t be as fresh 😅 I struggled doing that with my 2020 review and I didn’t like it. With that being said, let’s jump into it.

Talay Luang where everything began at the sea and ended at the sea, literally 😝  I didn’t set any expectations for this lakorn and for that I was gambling whether I was going to like it or dislike it. I went in blindly. Luckily, I actually enjoyed this lakorn for the most part. The beginning of the lakorn everyone was saying how it was similar to the famous Taiwanese drama “The Frog Who Turns into a Prince” or whatever the title was 😅 because of the amnesia part. I think that was the only similarity, the rest different, right? I thought the beginning of this lakorn was also moving kind of slow. Plot improved better once Yotsakorn found out that Natee was still alive. Mik as Talay…let’s just say it was very mellow. He was adorable let’s give Talay some credit for that lol but I wanted spice and a part of me wanted him to remember already at this point. Talay and Moya for me did not have chemistry. I’m not sure if it had to do with their character or what not but it felt flat for me. Natee and Moya on the other hand had chemistry. Is that weird? 😆 Mik is playing both characters with the same nangek but him as Natee was better and had more chemistry with Sammy hahahaha. Do we agree on that? I guess we all missed that tough and “mean” praek in this lakorn. But he wasn’t mean mean right? He was only mean for one episode and after that he told Moya that he was going to pursue her and told Moya that he was going to make her love him for him and forget Talay which is weird because he is Talay 🤣🤣🤣 At one point he was jealous of himself LOL. Talay/Natee was also smart and I loved that about his character. He knew not to trust the villains and didn’t give a shit about Nune amnesia and not amnesia. I remember some girls were joking about how Tohmon from Mia Jum Pben can’t relate hahaha 😝 Sammy as Moya was adorable too. Moya is just a pure optimistic character that I feel like she is one of the most human character I’ve come across in lakorn world, if that makes any sense. The only thing I didn’t like about her character was how she treated Yotsakorn. Okay Yotsakorn is a villain, a psychopath, etc but I felt it was kind of wrong to use him in those last few episodes just to get evidence. There was a scene where I had wished she told Yotsakorn the truth how she actually feels about him, maybe then he would have stopped and let her free. Who knows? That was the only thing I wished was different about Moya.

Speaking of Yotsakorn, I felt bad for him only because he genuinely loved Moya and like I mentioned I didn’t like him getting used like that. As for his killing and stuff, yeah that was a no and he and Baitong from WWH should never meet 😂 But I did not feel bad for his mother at all. Another character I also felt bad for was Nune. She too also genuinely loved Natee but the love wasn’t returned. She didn’t deserve to be killed like that. Another character I liked was Prapas. Bless his soul. He did not deserve to be killed but it’s expected in lakorns for good characters anyways. And was I the only one that was skeptical about Prapas though? Hahaha. Like I think it took me a few episodes in to accept that he’s a good guy. I can’t help but be suspicious when murder is involved and the actor is always playing a villain and just in Lah Tah Chon was when I first watch his character was good so I was skeptical about him in this lakorn too.

Side characters I also enjoyed watching on screen was little Pooma! 🥰 She was just too adorable and I really love her scenes with Talay/Natee! Also Andrew as Thaneth hahaha. What a comic relief. I thought he was going to be a serious villain but he brings humor to this lakorn. I like his famous line of my little nemo fish Moya hahahahaha. I actually liked all the cast in here. The employees on the island bring good comic relief for stressful scenes. Our second couple was cute too. The actress Karn who plays as Namrin in here, this was her debut lakorn. I have to say she is pretty decent but I hope she work on projecting her voice a little better. She reminds me of Marie Broenner when Marie debuted as well. Her voice was so high-pitched. I don’t know if it was her character situation or not but yeah. I’m not a fan of Karn’s voice 😅

Overall this lakorn was good. The villains showed their character early on so you didn’t have to guess much. I wish the ending was executed better but I’ll accept what they gave us. For those that have watched this lakorn, I do want to hear your opinion on this lakorn and whether you prefer kitten Talay or lion Natee hahahaha. Thanks for watching and supporting me on this lakorn. Special thanks to timing team for helping me weekly. I was warned that some Mik fans are demanding and impatient (this is my first Mik lakorn I subbed) but I didn’t encounter any. Luckily hahaha. Thank you for that ❤️❤️


  1. first of all I would thank you for subbing this project. I am big fan of Mik. I love him. I really enjoyed the lakorn. Some things I loved a lot only thing which I didn’t like so much is his memory is going coming back and going back kind of unrealistic but finally its a drama cant say much about it. for me Natee was a better character. I really felt bad for Nune she was used by everybody. chemistry was a little less i feel. but overall its good. thanks for your review its always nice to read it. Hope everything is fine in your family take care. love you thippy

  2. xangnoona says:

    I prefer badass Natee for Moya over Talay because Talay for me is such a plain character. Honestly when he was still Talay it kinda annoys me because he was always hovering Moya and his injured face I don’t know how to say it..I really felt bad how poorly it was done because I believe the bandage on his other eye was not really necessary when he removed it I expected some bruises but no it was completely normal..haha..I think they just made it up to make him scary looking guy. On the other hand Natee is more appealing I really like his interaction with Moya. I did watched a bunch of Miks’ lakorns and for me this one with Sammy has the most chemistry. Over-all story is okay for me there were times that it was a bit draggy specially in some villain part with Jamjaras, Korn, and Capt(I cant remember the name) funny because I really like him in Koo Kaen San Rak here it was the opposite 😀
    Thank you Thippy for the subs looking forward for your next projects 🙂

  3. Thanks for snubbing this lakorn. I totally enjoyed it. And yes, I agree that chemistry between natee and moya was better than with talay.

    I really felt bad for yasakorn. He would have turned out ok if he wasn’t instigated by his mother.

  4. Shay Guruge says:

    Girl you read my mind! Exactly how
    I feel about this lakorn. In terms of
    Team Talay or Team Natee, I’m definitely Team Natee! I feel like the reason why the chemistry did not seem to be there between Talay and Moya is because the whole love story in the beginning was bland (Plus Tee being Talay lol)? I mean Moya saves him, they quickly fall in love like that, where as Natee, there’s obstacles between their love to spice things up. Hate to love with misunderstandings is always a better plot.

    Glad to know it’s not only me who felt bad for Korn, and not his mother! I had the same reaction and thoughts because Korn genuinely loved Moya. Betrayal from the one person you trust and love the most is so hard. Even then, he gave Moya a chance the last time to spill the truth, but Moya still lied and played him.

    One thing that made me question though, when Jamjarat got shot in the end, she was just bleeding there for hours and hours, Korn did not give his two cents about her to even take her to the doctors, but at the last minute when she actually dies after getting shot more, Korn is crying his eyes out like huh? so now you care about your mother?

    Either way, I’m glad every evil character got their karma, excluding Nune (Yes, she was annoying, but she did not deserve to go through what she had to go through, no one does) and my favorite Khun Prapas. Lately, lakorns have been pulling this trick where dead villains comes back at the last minutes to stir things up lol, like why?

  5. clarity says:

    I was around 50-50 at first but yeah, this lakorn is good one to enjoy. Thanks for subbing and su su na….sending moral support always for you.

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