Happy New Year everyone! If you are reading this post, that means you have made it to 2021! If you have lived on earth for the past year you would know what the hell was going on with around the world beginning with Ms. Corona. She came and attacked and is still attacking. Hope you are all staying safe wherever you are. Due to the pandemic movies and TV shows around the world got postponed for months and lockdown were in place (some places, there is a second lockdown already) . So most of the months, Thailand was airing reruns and lakorns that were already done filming. Everyone stayed home including myself and what was supposed to be me having more time to sub, I ended up migrating to Turkey during the summer [if you know, you know ;)] That made me lazy even more but after Thailand had sorta went back to normal, new lakorns were airing again and I was forced to go back to Thailand and so here we are. I honestly don’t quite remember my feelings and thought of lakorns that I’ve subbed pre-covid compared to recent lakorns that have ended. But I will try my best. With that being said, let’s start. I’m just going to go down my list for my sanity sake! lol.

Disclaimer: These are my opinions. You don’t have to agree with me and just because I didn’t/did enjoy a certain lakorn doesn’t mean that you won’t/will. Just give it a try and experience it yourself. Some reviews might contain spoilers and foul language may be present.

I started off 2020 with Pom Athan. I initially put this on my list because of Preem and Masu because I adored them from Chuamong Tong Mon. What’s coincidental about Pom Athan, Masu & Preem is that this lakorn also involved a ghost–again but a more wicked one with her possessed wig. Basically anyone that wore the wig was going to get possessed by Kesinee played by Namtarn. A lot of people didn’t want to watch this lakorn because it was a horror genre but let me tell you something, it is not scary at all. American movies are much scarier than this. Sure there were moments where I jumped but that’s about it. This lakorn also revolved around solving a murder mystery as to who killed Kesinee. I am a fan of murder mystery type stuff so I enjoyed subbing this lakorn and figuring out who killed her. I don’t remember if this lakorn had any twist though (someone can confirm for me) but this lakorn also involved comical scenes. I adored Kawin, his secretary and his lawyer scenes. Such a funny trio. Masu & Preem still had chemistry. This lakorn was a lot more mature than Chuamong Tong Mon though. The only thing I remember not liking about this lakorn was the sudden change of character for Preem. Her character started off hating Masu’s character so much because she believed that he was the reason behind her best friend’s death and then slowly into the lakorn she suddenly was okay with him. I was like huh? It wasn’t a smooth transition. But in the end it all worked out. The murderer was found, our couple had a happy ending and a baby too ( spoiler!) It was a lakorn I enjoyed. Hopefully if Masu & Preem pair up for a third time, I hope it doesn’t involve another ghost.

Rabam Mek — This lakorn was a disappointment for me. As much as I enjoyed it, it could have been better. For this I blame it on the production and time slot it was in. This lakorn was produced by Step Onward I think and they’re known for producing comedy evening lakorns so when I found out that this wasn’t their typical genre I was shook and to me they failed. Had not this lakorn been produced by another production and was prime time instead of evening, it would had a different impact on me. This lakorn didn’t have enough angst and this lakorn required angst. You have our leading guy Mek who works for an undercover organization that pretended to be with Nulek the nangek just so he can get information on her dad’s corrupted activities. But he ends up falling in love with her for real. And when she found out, sure she was mad and furious but they were sort of back together again(?) I don’t know. I expected Mek to be fighting for her trust more but she kind of easily forgave him. It’s really difficult for me to describe the kind of angst I like LOL. There was a twist to this lakorn and it was Nulek’s mother. Her having multiple surgeries for her safety was unrealistic to me haha. Like who is the doctor? I would like to know so I can look like Yaya. And she’s the definition of a cat with nine lives. Every time she supposedly dies, she comes back alive with a new face. Was her dad the bad guy in here? (I don’t remember what the hell happened to him lol) This lakorn also had a slight mystery to it too and you know me with mysteries hahaha. Also, I didn’t get the purpose of our so called villain that tried to come between Mek and Nulek. They made his character to be this antagonist but I just didn’t get him. At the end, he just basically gave in and let Nulek happy with Mek. Perhaps I expected him to do more like your usual antagonists in lakorns. The side stories with Nulek’s siblings were good too. I honestly thought her sister and her sister’s husband were bad people. Her brother and his girlfriend didn’t have a happy ending and that was sad. Job and Yiwha were cute together. This is Job’s first lakorn as lead and I do think he is pretty decent. He does sad scenes really well. He just needs to work on his speech when he talks and build more muscles. He was so scrawny in this lakorn. Yiwha although she isn’t a newbie but this was my first lakorn of her. She’s okay. I did wish they could have kissed better but it’s CH3 so that’s that.

Sedtee Teen Plao — I enjoyed this lakorn. It was the perfect amount of comedy I needed with a mixture of romance and drama. I love Nat’s family in here. I love her parents. I love her brothers. I love their love for each other and the support they provided each other when one is in trouble. I love that each siblings had their own relationship and no one took more screen time than the other. I also loved that once Nat and Doc were together, they decided they were going to fight through the obstacles together and try to convince his mother to open up to Nat. Even when Doc found out that his sister was the third wheel in Nat’s brother’s marriage, he felt guilty and even went back to the city. Nat believed in him and went to Bangkok with her mom and brother to assure him that it’s not his fault. Or when the so called nangrai came to town and tried to claim her man but Santithorn didn’t even care and assured Nat that she was the woman he loves. I stan couples that trust in each other and will fight through things together and not misunderstand each other so much. Overall, this was a very feel good lakorn that didn’t require a lot of storyline and complications to make a lakorn wholesome. I did wish the ending was slightly better. You can feel it was a little rushed because we never got to see their wedding but we saw a photo of it after Santithorn and Nat moved into their little house that he built. So I guessed they cut that out. Ben and Chimhching were cute and I was happy they reunited in that short drama of Fah Mee Ta episode. Do check it out if you haven’t already. But honestly even though I like Ben but I feel he isn’t praek material to even be an evening praek. For me he suits supporting roles better. He got lucky with this lakorn with Chingching though or else I would have complained.

Tawan Arb Dao — This lakorn was good. It’s another murder mystery. (It seems like I’ve subbed quite a few mystery solving genre this year.) Kem played twins here where one of his brother got murdered and was romantically involved with nangek’s aunt. Prakotkarndee produced this lakorn and they’re really good at this kind of genre. It was twist after twist after twist until the very end. Like Kem said, it’s so twisted that you can’t twist it anymore hahahha. I even woke up early just to catch some of the episodes live and I don’t watch thai lakorns live because of time difference unless that lakorn was good. I think my favorite twist was Dao’s dad with his lover lol. Pranont and Dechy hahahahha. One thing I do wish was more screen time and more “zaap” scene between our leads. They had enough chemistry to carry on the show but I felt he had more spicy scenes with Chorprae played by Yui even though that was his brother hahah. You know what I mean. Kem did improved from Huajai Look Poochai but I still feel doing drama isn’t his forte.

Suay Sorn Kom — Though this lakorn aired and ended in 2019 but I worked on this during lockdown when no new lakorns were airing. This is the lakorn I fell in love with Prapye. This little girl can cry and can act. At first I wasn’t going to even watch this lakorn because of Grace. It was obvious that this storyline revolved around her but once I saw the mv for Porshe & Prapye (it was the scene where he held her hand but eventually let go and both were crying), I knew I had to sub it for them despite me not being a fan of Grace. Porshe also played twins here and I don’t know why but I like Porshe in serious roles. I feel he expresses more on his face and tone of voice in these more solemn roles. Obviously I was all for Suitai & Sunling couple more than the second couple with Porshe & Mint. Suitai & Sunling were such a slow burner couple. Both stubborn in their own way but love wasn’t expressed vocally through them until the finale. It was all about actions that Suitai did for Sunling to protect her and I was a sucker for that. I felt the second couple was rushed and didn’t give me enough relationship development because most of the time Mint’s character was still not over her ex boyfriend who was in love with Jiaing. And Porshe’s character Songhai was somewhat still not over his break up with the fake Jiaing. So Songhai and Mint’s character (forgot her name) was just out of the blue towards the end. But it’s sad to see that Sunling’s half siblings were dead due to one person’s revenge and was it just me or did you find Jiaing’s revenge so extra and over the top. Sure they mistreated her but her grudge against them was so over the top. Like she basically killed Grace’s character and had her lover who is a plastic surgeon had her face redone to look like Grace’s character and went back to Thailand to get revenge on Sunling’s whole family. And speaking of revenge, I found Jiaing’s ending so easy. Out of everything she did, she ends up getting shot at the end once and died. I was like wtf???!! That’s it? But overall this lakorn was good. My wish was to see Prapye and Porshe in another lakorn but since Wong Wien Huajai is Porshe’s last lakorn for CH7, it won’t even happen 🙁

Por Mhai Lek Taai Song Tua — This lakorn was also a disappointment. Probably my least favorite for 2020. It started out okay but I lost my interest in it midway. I dreaded subbing each episode and luckily it was an evening lakorn so it was only an hour. Chap and Jammie did not have any chemistry, so if the chemistry isn’t there and the storyline isn’t good, you’re just numb. Just like Ben, I also think Chap isn’t praek material. I don’t think his acting is up to par either. I feel like his aura shines more when he’s second praek. This production isn’t really good either. They’re known for musical lakorns but this storyline and setting wasn’t fit to be looktung musical lakorn but hey they decided to have Chap and Jammie sing the ost looktung style and I’m like for what???? I usually don’t care about second lead couples in lakorns because you’re supposed to focus on the main leads but I find the second couple in here cuter. I wish they had more screen time. Actually other side characters were much more interesting to watch than the leads. Grandma, Grandpa, the twins. For this, I don’t plan to watch nor sub any of Chap’s upcoming lakorn where he plays lead anymore. I just don’t feel him.

Fah Mee Tawan — Now say it with me scoobydoopapa hahahhaha. I loved this lakorn. This lakorn was the definition of slow burn, angst and more angst. Like in general, it’s your typical plot trope with revenge and stuff but what I liked about this lakorn was the acting. Everyone’s acting was on point. I have to give it to P’Tle for being so detailed about each character and doing a good job as a director and producer of this. I initially I wanted to sub this for Prapye. With Donut, I’ve heard of his name before but never tried to wacth any of his past lakorns because it didn’t draw my attention so he was new to me and boy he impressed me with his acting in here. Totally a fan now. He played Paul so well like his character Paul comes back to get revenge but the audience I believe were on his side. Paul is such a pitiful character and you end up sympathizing him. Prapye’s character was pitiful too. She’s so virtuous and dare I say naive/stupid. We live in the 21st century where we want our females to stand up and fight but it’s easier for us to get mad because we as an audience see everything that is happening but if we were to be in Nai’s shoes we would be just as naive as her lol. Also I think it’s because Prapye is playing the character, I can’t really be mad at Nai. Same goes for Net played by Jeab. We know Net was crazy but I kind of felt bad for her of her ending. If this was another actress playing the character, I don’t think I would have pitied her as much. Jeab is dubbed to be an angel on set because she’s so nice and kind to everyone so I find it funny how ppl want to hate Net but can’t really hate completely because it’s Jeab afterall hahaha. I swear our leads have been crying from episode 1 to the finale. And the fans who watched this lakorn had a lot of patience because we didn’t get kiss scenes and sex scene until episode 15 hahahahhahah. P’Tle kept building up the angst to that point. The songs in here were great too. For an 18 episode lakorn, I liked how they made sure everyone had closures. They used it wisely.

Ngao Boon — Not many people liked this lakorn because it’s not your typical kiss slap, husband cheating, skinship trope that the Thais go for. I enjoyed it though because it’s an insightful lakorn about morals and a belief that you will become a pret (hungry ghost) when you commit an evil deed. It was a challenging lakorn to do because there’s vocabularies related to Buddhism that I’m not familiar with and also the 12 pretas I had to do a full on research on. That wasn’t easy. Luckily I had a friend who knows more of these things than I do so she was able to help me. There’s not that mcuh romance in here because Sita & Worachon already started dating prior to episode 1 as well as our second couple Nong & Kacha. So this lakorn was a journey of helping Sita free different pretas in order to help free her own parents who became pretas after they died. But even so, the writer still provided romance and cute scenes of our leads, both couples actually. There was misunderstanding but they resolved it. Both ended up having kids at the end with Juk finally getting his wish to be the child of Sita and Worachon hehe. The comedy side to this was Master Plu and Juk, my favorite duo. And speaking of Juk, the only thing I found kind of annoying was the constant change between scenes of Juk where you see him as chubby and next scene you see him as skinny with a deep voice lol. It’s because they had to stop production during the lockdownn so Roodbus who plays Juk had puberity and grown out of his chubby days. I liked him being chubby though hahahaha. Pim and Om had cute chemistry though. So did Chap and Mint. Pim is a good crier. If you thought she cried a lot in Prom Pisawat, you’re wrong. This lakorn was airing same time as Fah Mee Tawan and I felt she was competiting with Nai and Paul to see who cried more hahhahaha. One more thing, if you’re scared to watch this lakorn because of the horror genre, it’s not scary, not even for a bit.

Proud — This lakorn was a mixture of “I hate this lakorn why did I even decided to pick it up” but also I enjoyed it type of lakorn. The timing team didn’t enjoy timing it (I’m sorry for that) because of the side characters and also so much yelling. The side characters were really unnecessary though. I think that was the only thing I didn’t like about this lakorn. Why I don’t favor comedy much because the side characters becomes too loud if you know what I mean. They drain out my energy in a bad way. Also I found Aum’s acting spoiled is cringey to watch. I prefer her in more solemn serious roles like her look alike Meen. Her “khun noo” days are over but I guess that’s what the character Proud is like. Aum and Weir had chemistry in here and I found myself blushing when they were flirting with each other. I like leads that flirt with each other consensually. I’m also a sucker for bodyguard trope. Something baout the praek holding a gun and protecting his woman gets me lmao! Honest to Buddha I think Weir and Aum looked their best during this time and this was a 2014 lakorn. They still look good now but you can tell they have aged. For those that have voted for this lakorn to be subbed, I hope you enjoyed it.

Kadee Rak Karm Pope — I didn’t expect to enjoy this lakorn as much I anticipated. If you’re looking for some murder mystery that isn’t draggy and cuts to the point, it’s this lakorn. I’m actually surprised that it’s only 10 episodes, 12 would have been nice. But because it was only ten, nothing dragged. It was fun solving the mystery along with Khem and Pit. I eventually solved the mystery midway as to who was the killer but I didn’t know how it was executed. And all of these murder happened because of love. Right off the bat, I thought Ben who plays Pailin was a person of interest because you know Ben most of the time plays villains. She had nothing to do with it. Also did anyone else suspected Ganok? I sure did just because when the camera pans in on him, he had this suspicious look on him. I guess that’s what the director/writer wanted the audience to think too hahaha. I think the killer’s ending was justified. I mean at least they didn’t give us the cliche where the killer ends up killing herself because that’s just cowardice. You were willing to kill all these people but you refuse to go to jail or receive punishment for what you did so you kill yourself. Thankfully, the killer in here didn’t. The whole vibe of this lakorn was just simple, as if I was watching lakorns back in the early 2000s. No annoying side characters. Every main character had their screen time. Everything was resolved nicely. I also suspected Dr. Kularb and past life Khem. I initially thought they were going to try to keep present Khem and Pit stuck there while they travel to the future hahahah. But those two ended up helping Khem and Pit back home. The only bad side of this short episodes lakorn is that they didn’t have time to show progression of the leads relationship. Sure they had screen time but it lacked progession, I don’t know if that makes any sense. The good thing I liked though was the leads never said “I love you” which I thought was different but in a good way. They went back to the past for three months, realistically majority of the time, relationships doesn’t happened that fast to fall in love with someone. You can like someone though, so I thought it was cool that they didn’t say I love you. But speaking of love, I thought it was so cute how Khem and Pit were shown to be soulmates. They were together in the past life. They’re together in their current life and I squealed when he told her to let’s be together in every life hahaha. The other thing I liked about this lakorn are the desserts. I’ve never had any authentic Thai desserts in my life before so seeing Pit make these desserts were mouth watering to me because I love desserts!!!! I have a sweet tooth. I love anything sweet! Like you can buy me a box of chocolates and I’ll be happy!

Lah Tah Chon — This lakorn was okay. Not great but it wasn’t bad either. The one thing I like subbing action lakorn genre is that there’s less lines to deal with especially lakorns produced by Nine Bever. There’s a lot of bang bang bang. The fighting sequence in here were pretty good Thai standard lol. Oliver Bever does pretty well in that area. Now when you’re great in one field, you tend to be weak in another field. And I’ll say it right here, Oliver isn’t good in the romance department, executing wise at least. I personally felt the romance was in here just to be in here if that makes any sense. Instead of showing us how the leads fall in love and see any relationship development, we’re given a flashback of their time spent together at her place at the beginning of the episodes. I dislike that for any lakorn where flashbacks are seen between the leads. If I don’t see it then I’m not going to emotionally connect to it and to be able to enjoy a couple’s love story, you need to connect. And not to mention that every time their scenes come up, I felt as the Thai phrase goes “lian” which basically means too sweet that you want to vomit is basically what that word means. That’s my opinion on the romance here. Oh! One more thing on the romance department. Our second couple, Lin and Pachern. We didn’t even see their relationship developed either. We saw how they met and all but a couple episodes after that they supposed are in love with each other and I’m like huh??? When and where is your love story????? Sighs! But what I liked about this lakorn was the surprises and the suspense it kind of gave because you don’t know who was going to turn against each other. The actors that usually play good guys in lakorns are the bad ones in here and the actors that plays villains were actually the good guys in here, aka Vee. It’s nice to see Vee back on screen even though he was only a guest. I don’t even remember the last lakorn I watched of his….I think it was either the one with Pancake Prik Gup Kluea or Baan Sila Daeng with the twins Milli and Nikki. There was one thing that I was unsure of and that was the ending. Is there going to be a sequel because a photgrapher was caught taking photos of Thup and Natasha at the end and who is this “boss” person? Is it Pachern’s boss, that Director dude? Because there was this one scene, I don’t know if anyone caught it but when Pachern arrested Thup and the phrase “good people will never die” came up and the camera focused on Director and he had this suspicious look on him. Well to me it was suspicious. And what happened to P’Nikki, Natasha’s boss, did she get arrested too? And they never touched upon the evidence that the guy brought to Natasha and Thup, the guy that own the land where Patapee wanted to build a seaport on. A lot of questions that I don’t think we will get answers to.

Rahut Rissaya — Sighs! This lakorn was……I mean do I even need to write what I thought about this? I felt like I’ve been vocal about it for weeks and I’m pretty sure people were annoyed of me LOL. But I’ll write it anyways in case some people don’t know. Let’s start from the beginning, I initially put this on the future list because I liked the storyline despite Pinkploy being the main actress. A mutual even asked me if I was sure bc Pinkploy was the nangek (we’re not very fond of Pinkploy’s acting FYI) and I was like sure why not? I’ll give this girl a chance. Besides, it’s produced by Daravdo, they won’t be so bad compared to their brother production Dida. (Dida & Daravdo are brother productions. Dida is banned from my future list of lakorns to watch or sub unless my favorites are in it) Boy this bitch did not know what the actual fuck she was getting herself in to. As airing date approached, I was hesitant (first red flag for me) and remember at this point, my main concern was Pinkploy. I wasn’t worried about the storyline nor production. Teasers came out and still I wasn’t impressed (second red flag). Usually when the teasers of lakorns I want to sub come out I’m usually hyped or excited about to go on this fictional journey, but I was feeling iffy, hesitant even with the first episode that aired. That should have told me right away do not do it but I ignored my instinct and went with subbing anyways. The beginning of this lakorn was alright. Pinkploy’s acting wasn’t so bad. She still needs work when she’s delivering her anger lines or when she’s yelling but overall she’s okay. FF to the middle of the story and this is where I believe my frustration began. The editing I noticed was getting choppy. I don’t know about you guys but I felt like they (director/writer/editor…whoever that works behind the scene) did not stay focus on certain detail. It’s like they just brush it off. I also felt they weren’t consistent with character development. Take Siwa for instant. I swear I thought he had a clue or a gut feeling his dad was no good but somehow in certain (further) episodes he was completely shock in that confrontation episode where Palai and Thana were tricked into going into that warehouse to get killed and Siwa had confronted Thana abt it I was like hold up Siwa, I thought you had a clue of what your dad was doing (because prior to this scene, Palai has been giving you passwords to your dad’s dirty deeds) so why the fuck are you acting so shock now as if this is your first time hearing about it? That’s one example of inconsistent I’m talking about. Characters going back and forth. And since we’re still on the editing topic, my last straw was that one particular scene. I posted on my instagram story and I also put it on discord. It was a Palai and Siwa scene where the camera was focused on the chest area of Pinkploy while she was talking to Siwa. When I first saw it, I was like hold up. Is it my screen? Siwa started talking and his camera screen was perefectly fine. And then it went back to Palai and it still showed her chest and then you see the camera slowly going back up to focus on her face. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK WAS THAT???????????????? Y’all had no idea how angry I was. I’ve never seen any lakorn make that type of mistake!!!!!!!!!! I try to come up with a reason how a director would let that kind of mistake slide but I can’t. I just can’t. If he had notice the mistake, why didn’t he tell the actors to redo the scenes. That was unprofessional to me. Like…that left me speechless, like I- Just why? I didn’t watch this lakorn live so I’m not sure if the Thai audience caught that during that week it aired. I had to go research this director because I wasn’t familiar with his name. But he had the same last name as Khun Louis (the owner of Daravdo) and it turns out the director of this lakorn was his oldest son and he’s fairly new to the directing world. This was his second lakorn he directed. His first lakorn was Khun Nu Ruen Lek (subbed by Neko) I didn’t watch that lakorn so I don’t know how well or bad he did for that one. But just because he’s new I’m not going to give him any slack because it doesn’t make sense how a director can let that kind of mistake passed! Obviously he saw the mistake so why didn’t he fix it/redid it? Not enough time perhaps but I call that bullshit. I think after that I (tried) to keep my mouth shut and get through the damn episodes every week, dreading it ofc. I might be exagerrating here but I was numb. Characters bothered me left and right. Not even the “fin” scenes of our leads helped. I was very neutral. Looking back, I should have listened to my gut but I didn’t. Lesson learned! And people wonder why I only choose to sub lakorns that have my favorite people in it. It’s so I don’t run into problems like this lakorn. If editing is going to suck, storyline is going to suck, at least the pairing were cute. In this case, it was torture for me. I’m okay with Bank not really a fan and I’m not a fan of Pinkploy so when you have leads you don’t like, editing is bad, plot is bad, that becomes a disaster. Take Nang Rai for an example, that storyline was just corny as shit but I was still okay with it bc I adore Boom and Now together (they need to reunite btw). I know a lot of people enjoyed Rahut Rissaya and most of you guys said it was better than the previous version because it’s more thorough. It shows more background of the characters and I do appreciate that you guys do enjoy it because that means my frustratiuon wasn’t for nothing. Don’t take this offensively but why did you guys like it so much? Like seriously I want to know. Comment down below why you guys did. Was it the chemistry? Okay let me just say this, Bank and Pinkploy do have chemistry and I have to admit I was excited for their scenes from the mv during the beginning of this lakorn. But you know their chemistry didn’t help erase the frustration I had. Like I said I became numb. I still like Pinkploy with Ko Vasin more though haha. Anyways, I’m sorry I made you guys read this much but I just needed to let it all out. My final thoughts on this lakorn is…..well, I don’t know what to say actually. I think I’ve said everything what I wanted to say. What I was worried about from the beginning was the least thing on my mind at the end of all this. I still have not warmed up to Pinkploy. I don’t think I ever will become a fan. That’s just how I feel. She really did look pretty in here though. Better than her look from ginger and galangal lakorn. Bank can cry. He cried more than Pinkploy in here though lol.

So that was it for my 2020 recap of the lakorns I’ve subbed. For 2021, things seem to be promising. Kicking it off with Wong Wien Huajai and Talay Luang. I don’t remember much of Weir’s version which is a good thing because it’s refreshing to see and I don’t need to compare the two. Plus the return of Porshe & Now. I’ve waited three years for their reunion and so far I’m enjoying their reincarnation haha. Talay Luang gives off a different vibe from WWH. I know it’s going to start out all cute and fluffy with Natee having amnesia but once he remembers, the angst will be there and it’s going to be the angst that I gravitate to and I’m ready for that. As for the upcoming future list, I went back to see if there was any hesitation I had for any of those lakorns and there’s none so that’s a good start. Hopefully you will stick around. Also, beginning of last year, I lost all of my old files to lakorns I have uploaded here and I’m trying to reupload them/edit (slow pace). I’m starting off with The OC Thailand and I already finished subbing this lakorn long time ago but I’m just editing it right now. A couple episodes will be posted weekly so do check out the lakorn if you haven’t. It’s a good one. Love the kisses hahaha.

Thank you all for reading til the very end. Happy new year and stay safe!
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