Huajai Look Poochai

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Title: Huajai Look Poochai (A Gentleman’s Heart)
Air Date: June 25, 2019 – August 13, 2019
Total Episode: 15
Cast: Kem Hussawee, Now Tisanart
Synopsis: Nop’s life became entangled in a whirlpool of vengeance when he found out that his mother and mother’s friend join hands to kill Nop’s father. He plans to kill his enemy, but it turns out that the man is Pinpak’s father, the woman whom he loves. The path of a gentleman and his lost love, will he choose revenge or love in the end?



01 06/25/19 LINK
02 07/1/19 LINK
03 07/2/19 LINK
04 07/8/19 LINK
05 07/9/19 LINK
06 07/15/19 LINK
07 07/16/19 LINK
08 07/22/19 LINK
09 07/23/19 LINK
10 07/29/19 LINK
11 07/30/19 LINK
12 08/5/19 LINK
13 08/6/19 LINK
14 08/12/19 LINK
15 08/13/19 LINK


  1. Ma Ha Fuz

    Hi! i don’t know anyone face this problem or not! bt sound and video are not sync! Sound are comeing let not the same time!

    1. thippy

      for which episode is this on?

  2. Cheekypink

    I’m having a problem with episodes 7 at 1:22:00 and 8 around 59:00 both stop saying network error please reload and replay video. I’ve tried reloading and playing it I’ve also cleared cache etc but it is not working

    1. thippy

      I checked and ep7 seems okay but I also got the same problem on ep8. Will fix it soon 🙂

    2. thippy

      okay, both episodes have been reuploaded. Hopefully it works for you now.

      1. Mary Kay

        Hi thippy! Episode 9 also appear as network error, can you upload again? Thanks

  3. gingeroger

    Thippy, thank you so much for subbing. Your hard work is greatly appreciated. Stay safe and well. God bless.

  4. Erinna

    Thank you for subbing, but I have to point out that two ads pop up across the bottom every five seconds which makes it impossible to read the subtitles.

    1. thippy

      have you tried enable adblock?

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