Rang Rak Prang Jai

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Title: Rang Rak Prang Jai (Trace of Hidden Love)
Air Date:  November 23, 2021 – February 8, 2022
Total Episode: 17
Cast: Donut Phattharapon & Pupe Kessarin
Synopsis: Because of the memories that were lost, SHE became a suspect in the murder case of her own husband. She tries to find the real murderer along with gaining her memories back with HIS help, her husband’s younger brother. Closeness blossomed into love but they must refrain themselves. The more they investigate, the closer they get to danger. Hidden truth, hidden love, everything will be revealed including a secret that everyone will be shocked by!

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01 11/23/21 LINK
02 11/29/21 LINK
03 11/30/21 LINK
04 12/6/21 LINK
05 12/7/21 LINK
06 12/13/21 LINK
07 12/14/21 LINK
08 12/20/21 LINK
09 12/21/21 LINK
10 01/17/22 LINK
11 01/18/22 LINK
12 01/24/22 LINK
13 01/25/22 LINK
14 01/31/22 LINK
15 02/1/22 LINK
16 02/7/22 LINK
17 02/8/22 LINK


  1. Peper

    Hi, for some reason, whenever I click on episode 9 on the link, it won’t let me play the videos and immediately takes me back to the episode page.

    1. thippy

      episode page? Can you try on a different browser to see if it’s the same error?

  2. Noela Farley

    Thanks Thippy for all your hard work, it was an interesting one to watch.

  3. REVE

    THANK YOU THIPPY FOR SUBBING THIS LAKORN!! I loved this lakorn (even tho it was so stressful lolololol and the ending was a bit unsatisfying) but despite all that, thank you for not abandoning this drama and letting us see it till the end.!!

  4. Alwaysmn

    Yay it’s finally completed! Thank you so much for subbing this and for choosing to sub this. I don’t know what I would have done if it wasn’t for the English subtitles and for the translators’ hard work and effort. Thank you for your work and I look forward to more future projects <3

  5. Zzz

    Hi Thippy and team! First time to comment here to say thank you thank you for subbing this lakorn. Been patiently waiting for this lakorn’s update and it brought be great joy and happiness when I saw ep 15 subbed yesterday and ep 16 subbed today cause I’ve been checking this page every day. Thank you very much!!

    1. thippy

      to save time, its best not to check everyday hahaha but thank you for patiently waiting 🙂

      1. Zzz

        No worries. I actually find it exciting checking for updates every day hahaha 😆

      2. Diyaaa

        Me is the same like u Zzz. But after watching the latest episode i just realized if both dont end up together its given as what his brother did to her twin. And when he siding with his family which is given too (i mean all we did for family) it is major heartbreak. Even they end up together in lakorn.. In reality it would most not likely huhu… I guess this is why thippy put off for so long huhuuu…

  6. Fobie Torres

    Omg! I dont usually comment, but you don’t know how happy I was when I saw you uploaded both ep 15 and 16 today. I was waitiiiiing patiently and it paid off. Thank you so much for all your hard work. We all appreaciate it, thank you so much😊

  7. REVE

    THANK YOU THIPPPYY!!! 🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️ I’m so glad you updated, thank you for all the hard work and please stay well!!

  8. CP

    God bless u Thippy and team. Thanks for bringing a little joy for me. If and only if u know how happy i was the moment seeing the sub for episode 15. It was only one new subbed episode but my heart was overjoyed. Thank you for not abandoning this drama – love from Malaysia

  9. Violet

    Waiting for this lakorn to be subbed

  10. REVE

    😭😔🙌 its almost been a month where’s ep 15-17?

    1. Hei

      Hello admin! I know you are busy but can we ask when will you upload the episode 15-17? It’s been a month now huhu

  11. NEKOMEAW Mow

    hello can someone tell me did neko project on a break from subbing or it’s just take times cause right know i’m really so into KOEI BAAN RAI SAPAI HI-SO  but neko stop subbing at episode 1 and until now there is no update either from neko or maybe did anyone know where i can find KOEI BAAN RAI SAPAI HI-SO with subs ? i’m really appreciate it if some of you can help me .. thank you

    1. Lalamaria

      Hi thippy…can you finished sub this lakorn pls… thank you😊

  12. Sumit Sarkar

    thanks for ep 13

  13. EIK

    Thank you for all your efforts. I really enjoy these shows that will not be available to me without your subtitles.

  14. leela

    Thank you for you hard work & for updating <3 stay safe & take a rest!

  15. imane lou

    Hi Admin, when will the next episodes be shared? i can’t wait for them, so excited.

    1. thippy

      sometimes this weekend hopefully

      1. Ra

        Thank you thank you admin…. Please upload

      2. CP

        Min, when will u upload those episodes. It breaks my heart each time visiting this website to check on the latest update. may sound like pushing u, but I’m so desperate huhu 😔😔😔

  16. Mimi

    Hello and thank you for all the work done.
    Have you abandoned the translation of the remaining episodes? The series is over

    1. thippy

      no I haven’t. I’ll try to finish it when I can 🙂

      1. Rash

        Yes dear… I check thrice everyday… Morning afternoon and evening… I have been following you since many days… You always completed the projects with lot of love like fah mee tawan… You didn’t like this one???

    2. hiyablogs

      Hi Thippy when will it get uploaded , I’m really sorry for bothering you its just I’m too excited and have been waiting for over a week so just wanted to know and thank you for your amazing work . You rock

  17. JaneFr

    Hi, came to check on the updates. I hope that you’re ok.

  18. Diyaa

    I am following the twitter post on this series. Ep 16 going to be soo heartbreaking. Still waiting for your updates thippy. Thanks for picking this drama as your project. I cam for donut but fell in love with pupe. She nailed both twin character.

  19. ML

    Thanks for you great work.

  20. irise sage

    Will episodes 13-15 be uploaded all at once?

    1. thippy

      most likely

      1. Rrrr

        Dear thank you so much for your hardwork… Please upload next episodes, have been waiting since many days… Please

  21. CP

    Hi admin. Greetings from Malaysia. When will u update the other 3 episodes. I’m craving to watch those episodes with sub. Keep checking your blog almost every hour nowadays huhu

  22. Angelie

    when will be the next episode ?? the update is so slow🥺 im so excited for the next update😍

  23. kdramagirl

    A little bit late but starting the 12th episode. Poor Usa! I don’t care her flirting tricks, nobody deserve such a bad husband. And I starting to really hate everyone in that city. There are no good one. They lied, rob, hit and badmouth. I understand why Apa doesn’t say who she is: She can’t trust anyone, least of all that police!

    1. kdramagirl

      12th finished I have to say: And kill, yes, they kill, too. In that city no only they lied, rob, hit and badmouth. They kill, too. If I think about it, it was obvious, but now we know for sure that there were more than one killer… Apa, run!!!

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