Rak Sood Jai Yai Tua Saeb

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Title: Rak Sood Jai Yai Tua Saeb (You’re My Universe) | **Adaptation of Roongthip**
Casts: August Vachiravit, PP Punpreedee, Captain Chonlathorn
Total Episodes :Β 29
Air Date :May 25, 2023 – July 5, 2023
Chaub Yoo Gup Tur Mun Kote Dee by Doublebam
Rak Sood Jai (Love You to the Moon and Back) by August Vachiravit
A romantic-comedy story of Kaew, a part time girl who works day and night to help support herself and Grandma Prai. But things take a turn for the worse when Grandma Prai dies by someone who threatened to want her land on the beach. But what’s even more shocking is that Grandma Prai gave the land by the beach that belonged to her to Tian, a man who she had just met a few days ago and had already signed a lease. In exchange for Tian having to take care of Kaew with a promise to help her find her father and mother.



01 5/25/23 LINK
02 5/26/23 LINK
03 5/29/23 LINK
04 5/30/23 LINK
05 5/31/23 LINK
06 6/1/23 LINK
07 6/2/23 LINK
08 6/5/23 LINK
09 6/6/23 LINK
10 6/7/23 LINK
11 6/8/23 LINK
12 6/9/23 LINK
13 6/12/23 LINK
14 6/13/23 LINK
15 6/14/23 LINK
16 6/15/23 LINK
17 6/16/23 LINK
18 6/19/23 LINK
19 6/20/23 LINK
20 6/21/23 LINK
21 6/22/23 LINK
22 6/23/23 LINK
23 6/27/23 LINK
24 6/28/23 LINK
25 6/29/23 LINK
26 6/30/23 LINK
27 7/3/23 LINK
28 7/4/23 LINK
29 7/5/23 LINK


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  3. Will

    Thippy…. can you please explain how kaew is not of age since she’s 19? Is there a condition in the will about her reaching a certain age before she can inherent?

    1. TP

      I think she has to be 21

      1. Will

        That’s what I thought. Thanks

  4. Wildal

    Hi thanks for earlier episode subs, when will remaining episodes be subbed please

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    1. TP

      I fixed it

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