Rak Jung Aoey

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Title: Rak Jung Aoey
Air Date: March 21, 2019 – May 2, 2019
Total Episode: 13
Cast: Ter Chantawit & Taew Natapohn
Synopsis: Dr. Pailin (Aoey) prides herself on being perfect. She had a hard life at a young age, which has hardened her heart and turned her into a selfish person. She often insults and offends others without taking notice. She has a close friend name Kwanta who is also her competitor at the same time. One day, Pailin’s world comes crashing down when she misdiagnoses a patient and on top of that, her boyfriend has slept with her frenemy, Dr. Kwanta. Everyone continues to stomp on her and gossip as the perfect princess has finally fell from grace. No one believes Pailin is capable of being a doctor. Pailin decides to challenge everyone’s opinion by agreeing to work in a rural district. Stipulation is if she wins Kwanta will get on her knees and apologize. If Pailin loses, she will quit being a doctor for the rest of her life. Pailin travels to a rural province where she will continue her quarrels with village Chief Damrong. (cr. Bitter Kisses)



01 03/21/19 LINK
02 03/27/19 LINK
03 03/28/19 LINK
04 04/3/19 LINK
05 04/4/19 LINK
06 04/10/19 LINK
07 04/11/19 LINK
08 04/17/19 LINK
09 04/18/19 LINK
10 04/24/19 LINK
11 04/25/19 LINK
12 05/1/19 LINK
13 05/2/19 LINK

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