Rahut Rissaya

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Title: Rahut Rissaya (Love Code)
Air Date:  November 16, 2020 – January 25, 2020
Total Episode: 17
Cast: Bank Artit, Pinkploy Paparwadee, Great Sapol, Praew Chermawee
Synopsis: When the young heiress of a millionaire loses everything, including the murder of her parents and great wealth to her aunt and cousin, the reclamation and revenge began. By having a businessman who is the love interest of her cousin be a chess piece in this game. She used secret documents to expose his father’s evil deeds a compulsive tool. But intimacy leads to love. Before she was able to appreciate his love and knows how to forgive, everything was almost too late.

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Soundtrack: Wong Glom by Buachompoo Ford | Rahut Lup by Yoong



01 11/16/20 LINK
02 11/17/20 LINK
03 11/23/20 LINK
04 11/24/20 LINK
05 11/30/20 LINK
06 12/1/20 LINK
07 12/7/20 LINK
08 12/8/20 LINK
09 12/14/20 LINK
10 12/15/20 LINK
11 12/21/20 LINK
12 12/22/20 LINK
13 12/28/20 LINK
14 12/29/20 LINK
15 01/18/21 LINK
16 01/19/21 LINK
17 01/25/21 LINK


  1. Shay Guruge

    Hey Thippy,

    First of all, thank you so much for picking this lakorn and having so much patience to complete the subtitles. I am almost done watching it, and I can totally relate and understand why you were so frustrated and annoyed this whole time.

    This was one of my highly anticipated dramas, mostly because of the storyline and of course Bank, since he is one of my top P’eks from Channel 7 (especially after Panthakan Rak). However, this was such a let down. Although I did somewhat enjoy this lakorn up until like 10-11 episodes, the storyline towards ending is went downhill, and going further downhill. From the beginning, I was actually confused lol, I guess it’s because of the script, not having scene sequences directed properly. To be honest, I did not really mind the whole filming style (like only focusing on one side of the person talking lol) or editing that much, but like you said on your review, it was just inconsistent… For example, when Palai and Thana got tricked into meeting at that abandoned place, didn’t Palai know her phone was hacked by Sorasak? Since Pang told her about it? Things like that made me scratch my head! Lol Same goes with Siwa’s reaction, like boy where’s your brain or memory at? Haha

    Even the characters were annoying and frustrating, it’s funny how in this lakorn, I don’t think there were many likable characters? I found Siwa’s character too bland and boring, while Palai was just ugh, stubborn and frustrating. The couple did have cute moments together but I can’t say they had oozing chemistry. Like Palai married Siwa secretly and lied to her boyfriend of many years, like girl what?! That’s not what a typical N’ek would do. That’s called being unfaithful. Girl was swinging back and forth so how does she love Siwa outta nowhere? I don’t know, their whole love story was not buyable. Found their acting to be okay-ish compared to their previous lakorns (it honestly could be their characters here).

    I do wish they focused more on Na Si and her daughter’s story more than the Sorasak’s. It’s fine to have two plots going on, but as long as it makes sense and have a good balance, and not confuse the viewers. Like half of the time, I had no idea what was going on with company business issues (Even without FF lol).

    Anyways, I will complete watching this one soon, and it is now a lakorn I just want to finish faster so I can move on to the next one.

    Once again, I truly appreciate you completing a frustrating lakorn like this. It’s a lot difficult for you to sub the whole lakorn, because you cannot even fast-forward like us viewers.

  2. orbit

    thank you Thippy for the subs!! I was curious post-reading your twentytwenty review of this lakorn and I was just watching the episode with that weird angle o: WHAT was the director thinking lol

    anyways I was wondering if you could guide me getting raws for lakorns from ch.7; i’m tempted in making gifs of bank^^ (for all the siwa corny moments)

    1. thippy

      for good quality ch7 lakorns, you can only get a hold of it if you have a paid subscription to seesantv

  3. nabilaaulia

    Hi Khun Thippy. Thank you for all your hard work. I can entertain my self because of you :’) I’m really and always be grateful to you.


    thank you so much thippy for subbing this lakorn.. during the pandemic going on many things have been changed but to relax and rest lakorn helps a lot… thank you for your hardwork bless you… the drama was outstanding just love the ML and FL.. thank you

  5. Andrea

    Thanks for your hard working!!!!!!!

  6. drora329

    thanks for this drama

  7. Chantale

    thank you for subbing this lakorn 🙂

  8. Ame

    I’m gonna miss this drama😭😭😭

  9. Sumeng Ing

    Gonna miss Palai …

  10. serahunny

    Love the original one with Noon. But after watching this, I start to like this version too as they provide more background story as to why Palai started the revenge and their love story is more pronounce here. Thank you Thippy for making it possible to watch this subbed. <3

  11. Sumeng Ing

    I came here every hour just to check if it’s sub yet 😭

    1. Ame


  12. mary christodoulou


  13. Nur

    Can’t wait till the link for the eps 15 show up. I always comeback to check it.

  14. Belle

    Thanks for these subs Thippy!!! <3

  15. Sarah

    Hey. How long does it take u to translate?

    I am new to your site. I love that u translate Rahut Rassiya.

  16. nadia

    Thippy, there is really nothing that can describe how thankful I am for your hardwork by subbing all these masterpiece lakorns. No words can describe how thankful and grateful I am for your subbing. Thank you so much for spending and sacrificing your time by doing this. You are such an angel. Not to mention, you do all this for free. I would like to meet you one day to express my gratitude. Thank you so much to you and also all the subbers out there. For a drama lover like me and others, you guys are our superheroes. Stay safe and take care no matter where you are. Sending loves from here, xoxo. <3

  17. Lolllli

    Can u do English substitles rabum maurn Lakron please I can’t find and English subtitles please pleases

  18. Daisy

    Hi, Thippy.
    Thanks for your hardwork. You’re amazing!
    Anyway, can I ask something? Why is the airing date for ep.15 & 16 on 18 & 19 January? I don’t know if I missed the news. So it means next week won’t be Rahut Rissaya on TV, will it? Remind me if I’m wrong.
    Thanks a bunch 🙏

    1. thippy

      yes CH7 is taking their new years break so Rahut Rissaya won’t resume until Jan.18

      1. Daisy

        Just waiting for a week and I’m already impatience, and this will be two weeks. God, I’m dying for curiousity. Lol 😂
        By the way thanks for your reply, Tippy. Happy new year from Thai drama fans from Indonesia! God bless.

      2. Talaa Mohammed

        Thank you very much for the drama .. You are always better than you and Niko .. Your choices are very sweet … Honestly thank you very much for the translation … Especially a deaf person .. I need English the language I understand … because the Thai language does not understand it Thank you for Translation … in a request I don’t know if the drama that will impress you takes Khanan Ying (2021)
        Theda Wannorn 20210
        Take into consideration … a very nice drama hero ..

  19. Mary

    Thank you again for subbing this one.

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