Wong Wien Huajai

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Title: Wong Wien Huajai (Revolving Hearts)
Air Date:  January 21, 2021 – March 24, 2021
Total Episode: 18
Cast: Porshe Saran & Now Tisanart
Synopsis: Bupachart’s life staggered when her boyfriend cheated on her and got the other woman pregnant and must marry her to take responsibility. While Tos Kanaphan also came into her life. They didn’t get along at first until a bond was created. But Tos had an agenda on his mind. Will this plan of his ruin a love that is blossoming or become a love that has no direction once again for her?


Soundtrack: Kum Tarm Tee Mee Kum Taub by Porshe Saran | Jai Taub Ma by Fon Warunee



01 01/21/21 LINK
02 01/27/21 LINK
03 01/28/21 LINK
04 02/3/21 LINK
05 02/4/21 LINK
06 02/10/21 LINK
07 02/11/21 LINK
08 02/17/21 LINK
09 02/18/21 LINK
10 02/24/21 LINK
11 02/25/21 LINK
12 03/3/21 LINK
13 03/4/21 LINK
14 03/10/21 LINK
15 03/11/21 LINK
16 03/17/21 LINK
17 03/18/21 LINK
18 03/24/21 LINK


  1. Isabelle

    Merci pour votre travail de qualité. je suis FAN +++ des lakorns et je suis très reconnaissante à ceux qui, comme vous, permettent à des passionnés de regarder des lakorns avec les sous-titres anglais. MERCI ENCORE !!

  2. KJT Mix Fun

    Currently on Episode 12. This is the first time I’ve ever gotten scared from a Nang Rai. Usually I enjoy watching them.
    Baitong completely freaked me out during that glass breaking scene in front of Nee. I actually ended up tearing a bit

  3. Ann24

    A Big Thank You! goes out to you Thippy for all your time and hard work subbing “Wong Wien Huajai” I really enjoy this new version so much. Love Porshe & Now onscreen together. I’m gonna miss them but at least I can still go watch recap of both of their Lakorn together. I sure hope they will get a chance to work together again. Take Care! Stay Safe Thanks Again ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Carolyn Woolley

      thanks for all ur hardwork but i dont like this verson (not crazy for the casting) it was better with Weir 🙂

  4. swizel coelho

    thank you so much for subbing the lakorn.. you are a true blessing in damm boring life.. appreciate your hardwork in giving us subs.. may you be safe and happy always… the drama was great..thanks all to you.. my support for you always..

  5. Macy

    Thank you for subbing this drama. Your hard work is appreciated. 🤩🤩👍 You’re The Best!

  6. Lyn

    Hi Thippy, Thank you for subbing this drama. I enjoy watching “comparison” shows eg when a number of countries make their versions of the same story ( Thailand has produced the best version of a number of them). In this instance , I am a fan of the version of this tale with Weir ( 2009) but wanted to see how a new cast would treat it. It was fine but, maybe I’m just a Weir fan, I still prefer the earlier version, and this story is NOT one of my fav Weir dramas. One question, I seem to notice a significant number of remakes eg Dung Duang Haruetai has 3 versions that I know. It’s not like there are not fabulous script writers in Thailand. I waffle… but I do sincerely thank you for all your efforts. Stay safe. Earmest regards, Lyn

  7. Mei

    Hi. Why do the links lead to a gambling site and a fake site telling me I’ve got a virus (from Apple)

    1. thippy

      make sure you have adblocker on and it’s better to watch it off a computer/laptop than mobile bc you can control the popups better

  8. Pamela Diaz

    Thank you for subbing this drama. Truly enjoyed it and much appreciate your efforts. For an English speaker only you have opened doors of enlightenment to share a culture and language would never have become familar with in my lifetime. Totally hooked.

  9. Andrea

    Thanksss sooo much!!!! You’re the best!!!!!!!! 😘😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘

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