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Title: Rabam Mek (Dancing Clouds)
Air Date:  February 13, 2020 – March 20, 2020
Total Episode: 27
Cast: Job Thachapon & Yiwha Preeyakarn
Synopsis: Behind their sweet relationship is a love that is filled with bitterness and lies. Nulek felt her heart has been slashed when she suspects her boyfriend Mek, whom she thought was her world, is keeping something from her. Mek under the alias Warit is a “rachasee” member which literally translate to lion. He pretends to get close to Nulek only to get more information of her father Panu and his corrupted activities. And even though he got caught, breaking up with Nulek wasn’t the answer. Mek must do everything to save the life of the woman he loves from the hands of the people in the shadows even though Nulek refuses to see his face anymore.



01 02/13/20 LINK
02 02/14/20 LINK
03 02/17/20 LINK
04 02/18/20 LINK
05 02/19/20 LINK
06 02/20/20 LINK
07 02/21/20 LINK
08 02/24/20 LINK
09 02/25/20 LINK
10 02/26/20 LINK
11 02/27/20 LINK
12 02/28/20 LINK
13 03/2/20 LINK
14 03/3/20 LINK
15 03/4/20 LINK
16 03/5/20 LINK
17 03/6/20 LINK
18 03/9/20 LINK
19 03/10/20 LINK
20 03/11/20 LINK
21 03/12/20 LINK
22 03/13/20 LINK
23 03/16/20 LINK
24 03/17/20 LINK
25 03/18/20 LINK
26 03/19/20 LINK
27 03/20/20 LINK


  1. KJT Mix Fun

    Do you know if anyone subbed it’s OSTs?
    It’s pretty much almost a year since I watched this show and I still love the OSTs of it especially the female one <3

  2. mary christodoulou


  3. mary christodoulou


  4. Shashini Galmangoda

    Wow! Just finished binge watching this lakorn, and what a journey it has been! This was my cup of tea cause it’s romance, action, mystery all in one! I genuinely loved the story line, it was full of mysteries and suspense kept building until the last episode (Kinda figured out who Pakhwan is though towards the middle or end of the story). Although it was 27 episodes, it didn’t feel long nor I felt bored with this one!

    As a newbie, I loved Job, think he did amazing, especially with action part of the drama! Him and Yiiwha were so cute together, but I wish we’ve gotten more lovey dovey scenes of them! Especially, cutting out that kissing scene got on my nerve! Lol Other actors also did a good job, and I wish Rose and Chonok didn’t have an ending like that !

    Overall it was such a nice drama, I feel like evening lakorns have better storylines? So far with what I have watched I always liked these lakorns more than prime time ones!

    Last but not least, thank you so much Thippy for subbing this one, looking forward to your future projects cause I see lots of couples that I ship together 😉

    1. thippy

      I like reading your reviews haha!

      1. Shashini Galmangoda

        Haha thank you, I also love reading yours (the year end ones especially), I do wish it was more often, but I know as a subber, you’re already doing us a huge favor dedicating your time to translate these larkons =) See you in the next lakorn Thippy!


    Correct episode 13, doesn’t work

  6. Mariam Gergis

    Hey thippy! Ep 10 doesn’t want to work for me it just has the yellow play button version is there a way you can have the red play button version available for ep10 as well

  7. joyceeee


    I’m so glad I came acrossed this lakorn and gave it a try. I ended up liking it. Though there were plot holes (like why Payon tried to hurt Nulek & Rit if he is working for Chongrangsee; Prin did some evil things so he deserved to be punished more; the ending for Phakwan, why did they end it like that, isn’t safe already?), I enjoyed it. Great chemistry for the leads.

  8. danie

    rabam mek ep 11 will not play. I click yellow play button(?) twice and it just keeps spinning. Tried this on both Firefox and Chrome.

    1. thippy

      try refreshing the page. It maybe due to slow connection as well

      1. danie

        I was up to ep10 a few weeks ago. Now trying to continue. It looks like I cannot watch ep 11 and 12 because of the yellow play button version. I am able to watch anything with the purple or red play buttons (13 and up). Is it possible to have the purple button version available to watch 11 and 12. Thanks a lot for all the hard work, I have watched many lakorns that you have subbed. Refreshing the page does not seem to help.

      2. thippy

        sure. I’ll try to get it up by this week

      3. danie

        Thanks a lot! I am able to watch eps 11 & 12 now. Really appreciate all your hard work for our enjoyment.

      4. Justin

        Ep 21 can’t be loaded it says that is a fatal load, just putting it out here so you will know, thank youuuu

  9. joyceeee

    Hi thippy! Would it be possible for you to share links for download. I’m not gonna reupload it, I just want to watch it even without internet.

    1. Sammy

      I second this. It might be my PC or my internet but I just cannot for the life of me get some episodes to load.

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