Sao Song Winyahn

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Title: Sao Song Winyahn (Girl with Two Souls)
Air Date: November 24, 2022 – January 5, 2023
Total Episode: 30 Episodes
Cast: Jinn Jinna & Minnie Pantira
Synopsis: Fonkaew accidentally released Avantee, a female spirit who died ten years ago. Avantee asks to posess Fonkaew’s body to communicate with her son, Chawin and seek out the truth of what happened on the day she died. Two people and one spirit joined hands to find the murderer before the deadline, where Avantee cannot go reincarnate!


Soundtracks: Sao Song Winyahn by Maprang Mariko & Yah Ploi Meu Ngai Ngai by Better Weather



01 11/24/22 LINK
02 11/25/22 LINK
03 11/28/22 LINK
04 11/29/22 LINK
05 11/30/22 LINK
06 12/1/22 LINK
07 12/2/22 LINK
08 12/5/22 LINK
09 12/6/22 LINK
10 12/7/22 LINK
11 12/8/22 LINK
12 12/9/22 LINK
13 12/13/22 LINK
14 12/14/22 LINK
15 12/15/22 LINK
16 12/16/22 LINK
17 12/19/22 LINK
18 12/20/22 LINK
19 12/21/22 LINK
20 12/22/22 LINK
21 12/23/22 LINK
22 12/26/22 LINK
23 12/27/22 LINK
24 12/28/22 LINK
25 12/29/22 LINK
26 12/30/22 LINK
27 1/2/23 LINK
28 1/3/23 LINK
29 1/4/23 LINK
30 1/5/23 LINK


  1. CJS

    The show was fun and pretty good, although a bit long. I think the writers could have wrapped it up in 20 episodes or less, because there was a lot of dragging filler content. Overall I enjoyed it. THANK YOU THIPPY for all the hard work. ♡♡♡

  2. Kitty

    Anyone know if she ended up dropping lakorn?

    1. TP

      no I did not. If I did, there would be an announcement. I know I haven’t been updating fast as much but I am aiming to finish it by the end of the month.

      1. Hanani N

        Thank you so much ! Really appreciated it! Love from Malaysia🫰🫶

      2. Angela States

        Thank you so much for what you do. I have really enjoyed Sao Song Winyan and Phetra Nurimet. It is appreciated . Other people take a chill pill or Learn thai. 🙂 she has been doing on average one episode a week. Good things come to those who wait. Thank you again for doing this.

  3. Hanani N

    Hi! Appreciate it if you can complete subbing for this drama, really love it! Thanks OhSweetHeaven !

  4. Chancita

    Can you please complete the subtitle on Sao Song Winyan? I’m really appreciate your time on doing it.

  5. BREN

    Appreciate the sub just wished episode came out a tad bit sooner

  6. Raj

    Please upload remaining 23 episodes.

    1. TP

      Please be patient

  7. Phauline Cadelig

    Thank you so much thippy

  8. Ericka

    Did you drop this lakorn?

    1. TP

      no i did not

      1. Ericka

        Thank you Thippy for your answer

      2. Url

        What about remaining 23 episodes

      3. TP

        what about it? Please be patient!

  9. Carla Kilgore Squires

    Thank You So Much Thippy! ♡♡♡

  10. Randa

    There’s no subtitles all the link provided on episode 4 (I had no issues with 1-3)

    1. thippy

      its fixed now

  11. Kara

    Thippy, there’s no subtitles episode 4

    1. thippy

      its fixed now

  12. Fara

    Just here to say thank you so much for this translation. Can not wait for the rest of the episodes. Love from 🇿🇦

    1. Renee

      There’s no subtitles on the episode 4 that you provided all the links. I had no issues with 1-3.

      1. thippy

        its fixed now

  13. Carla Kilgore Squires

    I love this one. So far it’s fun, and I like how the lead actress has a very natural cute look.

  14. NK

    I was just thinking, if anyone was going to pick this lakorn up, it would be you Thippy. Haha. I’m glad you took an interest in this one! I’m having such a huge crush on Jinn right now so I’m glad one of his lakorn will be subbed. Will look forward to it and thank you!

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