Sedtee Teen Plao

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Title: Sedtee Teen Plao
Air Date: February 20 – April 2, 2020
Total Episode: 31
Cast: Ben Santiraj & Chingching Kharittha
Synopsis: When money and reputation did not solve Santithorn’s issues in life, his dream of building a farmstay began. Although, his family disagree & suffer misfortune from influential people on the village, he still has Nat. An adopted daughter of a millionaire in the village. At first they don’t get along but closeness brought them together and eventually blossom into love. The two must fight through obstacles, especially the biggest one of all, his mother.



01 02/20/20 LINK
02 02/21/20 LINK
03 02/24/20 LINK
04 02/25/20 LINK
05 02/26/20 LINK
06 02/27/20 LINK
07 02/28/20 LINK
08 03/2/20 LINK
09 03/3/20 LINK
10 03/4/20 LINK
11 03/5/20 LINK
12 03/6/20 LINK
13 03/9/20 LINK
14 03/10/20 LINK
15 03/11/20 LINK
16 03/12/20 LINK
17 03/13/20 LINK
18 03/16/20 LINK
19 03/17/20 LINK
20 03/18/20 LINK
21 03/19/20 LINK
22 03/20/20 LINK
23 03/23/20 LINK
24 03/24/20 LINK
25 03/25/20 LINK
26 03/26/20 LINK
27 03/27/20 LINK
28 03/30/20 LINK
29 03/31/20 LINK
30 04/1/20 LINK
31 04/2/20 LINK


  1. Bella

    Hello Thippy! Nice to meet you.
    I am a fan of Thai Lakorn who lives in Malaysia.
    I always watched ThaI Lakorn in your channel and I really like this drama a lot (Sud Thee Teen Plao).
    Although it doesn’t have too much romance, but I really loves how there is family bond relationship in this story.
    I am a fan of Ben since I saw him on So Sanaeha and Suay Sorn Kom and I always labeled him as Porsche friend because he is being Porsche friend in these 2 series. Hahaha..
    I hope I could watch his drama again in the future and I found a title Pin Prai (2020) where he acts again on this remake drama.
    I try to look for the subbed but there are no subbed on this drama.
    Is this story good? Is it okay if you could subbed this drama?
    Thank you for listening and have a nice day.

    1. thippy

      I’m not sure if it’s good or not. I’m usually selective with his lakorns but sorry I won’t be subbing it

  2. Shannon

    Good evening, hope to find you well Thippy. The link for episode 2 doesn’t seem to be working. Thanks for all the hard work that you do.

    1. thippy

      fixed it 🙂

      1. Shannon

        Thank you😊😊

  3. Andrea

    Thank you sooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. gie san

    I am very amused with Hong (father of Nai) whenever he murmurs. Good acting!

  5. Nimal Farhan

    Hey thippy, you have uploaded ep 21 again instead of ep 22. Any ways your work was fabulous

  6. Lyn

    Hi Thippy, the link for Episode 22 takes us to Episode 21 again. Thanks for this !! Well done girlfriend. Thank you for your hard work.

    1. thippy

      Thanks for letting me know. I fixed it 🙂

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