Tiwa Sorn Dao

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Title: Tiwa Sorn Dao
Air Date:  September 29, 2019 – November 3, 2019
Total Episode: 16
Cast: Puen Khanin & Chippy Sirin
Synopsis: A romantic adventure story between an ambitious beautiful woman and an exiled rich heir. The destiny of life made them meet on an island in the sea. Their love and bond brought them together in the midst of nature that is in conflict with the chaotic outside world.



01 09/29/19 LINK
02 10/4/19 LINK
03 10/5/19 LINK
04 10/6/19 LINK
05 10/11/19 LINK
06 10/12/19 LINK
07 10/13/19 LINK
08 10/18/19 LINK
09 10/19/19 LINK
10 10/20/19 LINK
11 10/25/19 LINK
12 10/26/19 LINK
13 10/27/19 LINK
14 11/1/19 LINK
15 11/2/19 LINK
16 11/3/19 LINK


  1. Carolyn Woolley

    Thanks so very much for subbing this thoroughly entertaining show. I laughed and cried 🙂

  2. Figen Bayraktar

    Thank you so much for the translation. I want to translate this drama into my language. Where can I find the original / raw videos (720p or 1080p) of this drama episodes as full part? There is also Youtube, but in parts. I don’t want it as a fragmented video. I want the full video/episode. Thanks in advance.

    1. thippy

      the only way you can get full epiosdes is if you have subscription to seesantv or if you ahve a program that can merge those parts into a full episode, that is an option too

      1. Figen Bayraktar

        Oh, there is one more thing I forgot to say. I do not speak Thai, so I will use your videos as a source when translating to my language. There are no ads in your videos and if I use Youtube videos I will have to do sync editing constantly. I also need to manually made more than 1000 lines of subtitles, and on the one hand translate to my language. Because I don’t have the English subtitle file as srt or ass. In other words, I will have to make a serious effort while translating. So I need some help. That’s why I asked you for help. I hope you can understand me. Thank you in advance with really sincere feelings.

        My E-mail Adress: fgenby@gmail.com

      2. thippy

        Hello sorry, I don’t have seesantv subscription and the only reason I was able to get my version was a friend helped me out

      3. Figen Bayraktar

        Unfortunately, I don’t have a seesantv subscription. I tried combining Youtube tracks with the program, but the image quality was pretty bad even though it was 1080p. There are also occasional advertisements in the episodes. I don’t want ads either.

        If it is not a problem for you, if I give my e-mail address, can you download it from seesantv and send the episodes one by one with Google Drive in as 1080p? If possible, can you help me with this? If you can do this I would be very grateful. Thank you again.

        NOTE: This is the blog we use in common (me and my a friend). Here we share the Asian countries TV series and movies we translated.
        https: // asiadizifilm. blogspot. com/

  3. Lata


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