Lhong Klin Chan

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Title: Lhong Klin Chan (Mystery of the Sandalwood Killer)
Air Date:  May 26, 2021 – July 22, 2021
Total Episode: 18
Cast: Thanwa Suriyajak & Tubtim Anyarin
Synopsis: Because of the murder mystery of the sandalwood flower killer, Inspector Wanrak joins hand with her childhood friend Pattapee, a forensic doctor and Lieutenant Trechai, the sweet smiling officer who secretly has a crush on her to solve the case. But the more they investigate, the more dangerous it becomes when the killer starts killing witnesses and eventually becomes their turn to face the killer. In the midst of danger and a love triangle, will they expose who the killer is?



01 05/26/21 LINK
02 05/27/21 LINK
03 06/2/21 LINK
04 06/3/21 LINK
05 06/9/21 LINK
06 06/10/21 LINK
07 06/16/21 LINK
08 06/17/21 LINK
09 06/23/21 LINK
10 06/24/21 LINK
11 06/30/21 LINK
12 07/1/21 LINK
13 07/7/21 LINK
14 07/8/21 LINK
15 07/14/21 LINK
16 07/15/21 LINK
17 07/21/21 LINK
18 07/22/21 LINK


  1. Kiki

    Thank you so much for subbing this lakorn. Everytime I saw you had subbed a new episode you really made my day (:
    Take care of you. I really hope you get well soon

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    Wow, what a surprise ending! Thank you so much for all of your hard work subbing this. We really appreciate it!

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    Thank you for your effort completing this Drama in your trying hours. 🙏all will be well soon🤗😘🌻.

  5. Blue

    How have you been sweetie?
    Thanks for subbing ^^
    Like this lakorn, did not feel board while watching the episodes.
    Fighting susu^^

  6. Josephine bernardo

    Still waiting for ep 17&18

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    1. Rose

      Cant wait for the last episode .. Thanks for subbing it.

  8. Rose

    thanks for subbing this lakorn. i really apreciate it. hope you always stay safe and stay healthy. thanks again for all the effort .

  9. Emily

    We miss you a lot… I hope you are well…. come back to us soon… We support you… su su

    1. Ksee

      Thank you for the sub. Much appreciated. Stay healthy n stay always❤❤❤

  10. Frosty

    I think this might be my current fav! Thank you Thippy for subbing this!

  11. Syira

    Patiently waiting for episode 2 to be subbed 🙂

  12. Anon

    Thanks for this! Was wondering if this project was going to be picked up.

  13. risva01

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  14. KJT Mix Fun

    Oh my gosh, thanks for this

  15. clarity

    Excited for this!

  16. noormohammedjj

    Thank you very much my love ….. if you have time you can always take the wand warrior after 3 days it shows … I hope you like it

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