Petra Naruemit

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Title: Petra Naruemit (Enchanting Love)
Air Date: March 18, 2023 – May 13, 2023
Total Episodes: 17
Casts: Mike Pattaradet & Mookda Narinrak
Synopsis: A young woman gets transported back almost 200 years by a spell through a magical vessel where she meets her soulmate and uncovers secrets that connects to the future
Soundtracks: Dang Montra by Dan Worrawech | Keu Tur Poo Diew by Amp Achariya

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01 3/18/23 LINK
02 3/19/23 LINK
03 3/25/23 LINK
04 3/26/23 LINK
05 4/1/23 LINK
06 4/2/23 LINK
07 4/8/23 LINK
08 4/9/23 LINK
09 4/15/23 LINK
10 4/16/23 LINK
11 4/22/23 LINK
12 4/23/23 LINK
13 4/29/23 LINK
14 4/30/23 LINK
15 5/6/23 LINK
16 5/7/23 LINK
17 5/13/23 LINK


  1. EIK

    Thank you very much as always!!

  2. Cindy

    Thank you SO MUCH for this!!!!! I was so happy when I saw you were subbing this cause I knew you weren’t gonna drop it halfway so I was waiting patiently till you finished it and I checked your site this morning and I was ecstatic when I saw you were done πŸ™‚
    I just finished episode 1 and I just wanted to drop by and leave a message to tell you I’m really greatful you’re taking the time to sub these amazing Thai dramas!! I’m French and I don’t know Thai and I don’t really have easy access to subbed Thai drama (there are a few on Netflix and Viki now, but not a lot), so I was so happy when I found Lakorn Galaxy and I saw your site and the dramas you’ve subbed are some of my faves =D
    Back to watching now πŸ˜‰ Thank you again!! I’ll definitely enjoy watching it πŸ™‚

  3. sonini12

    THANK YOU!!!!!

  4. Will

    That was a sad finale but a good one

  5. Dzarif

    Thippy. You are the best subber ever. Tq so muvj

  6. Lily

    Still waiting for episode 17

    1. Carla

      Be patient. Thippy takes time out of her personal life to sub these herself. Be thankful and appreciative of her hard work. Crying because you don’t want to wait is quite rude.

    2. Ericka

      It’s there

  7. Chaerin

    I’ve really enjoyed this, thanks so much for subbing, Thippy!

  8. Ericka

    Thippy which lakorn are you subbing next?
    In advance thank you for your hard work ❀️

    1. chacah

      waiting for the last episode

  9. tlume

    Ty so much for this lakorn! Waiting for the last episode

  10. Gie San

    Thank you for the fast subbing of this drama whic is quite different from the usual story line. I expect twist in the finale. Hope to watch more of lakorn that you sub.

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