Title: Mae Krua Kon Mai (The New Cook | My Michievous Fiancee)
Air Date:  March 2, 2021 – April 6, 2021
Total Episode: 26
Cast: August Vachiravit & Namfah Thunyaphat
Synopsis: Lormdao and Param are forced to get married by their elders but because they’ve never seen each other before, Lormdao refuses to marry him. After hearing rumors that Param was broke and needed a woman to marry to up his status, Lormdao disguises herself as Param’s new cook to investigate his family more closely to see if he really is after money or not.


Soundtracks: Yahk Ja Roo | Kor Cheua Jai Tua Eng



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22 03/31/21 LINK
23 04/1/21 LINK
24 04/2/21 LINK
25 04/5/21 LINK
26 04/6/21 LINK


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    Queen Thippyy!!! I appreciate the time you wasted subbing this fantastic lakorn. Please keep on doing what you do best, and I’ll cheer you on. 🙌🤩🤩🤩

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    Thank you x1000!!!!!!!!!!! You’re soooo awesome!!!!!! ❤😍💕

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    thanks so much for your hard work. It’s always great having to watch a drama in my native language. The subs were on point. I laughed so much!!! Thanks again for a job well done!

    1. are you Thai?

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