Title: Duangjai Kabot ( A Rebel’s Heart)
Air Date: August 24, 2019 – September 27, 2019
Total Episode: 15
Cast: Mike Pattaradet & Now Tisanart
Synopsis: Lieutenant Pasu, a soldier from Thailand must go on a mission to help Chao Saengjunta, a princess from Muang Jaai, in which the country has been overthrown by an army coup. This turned their closeness into love but will the political issues or a love of different status that will end first?

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01 08/24/19 LINK
02 08/25/19 LINK
03 08/30/19 LINK
04 08/31/19 LINK
05 09/1/19 LINK
06 09/6/19 LINK
07 09/7/19 LINK
08 09/8/19 LINK
09 09/13/19 LINK
10 09/14/19 LINK
11 09/15/19 LINK
12 09/20/19 LINK
13 09/21/19 LINK
14 09/22/19 LINK
15 09/27/19 LINK


  1. Jengerss says:

    None of the episodes are working 🙁 The error message “The connection was reset.” appears. Please help!

  2. meeks2698 says:

    Seems the first five videos are not working, bad connection. I;ve tried using Chrome, Edge and Firefox as well as clearing the cache but no luck 🙁

    1. will try to upload to new server sometimes this week

  3. Hi, could you check the links? I tried till ep5 and none was working 🙁
    Fell in love with Mike watching s2, and really wanna watch this too. Tysm for your hard work! 💙

    1. the links are working fine for me. Can I ask what server you are using?

      1. lilly says:

        I’m not sure this is the right answer, but http? (sorry 🙈) the player doesn’t even shows, instead there’s a message “The connection was reset.”

      2. because it’s working fine for me (I’m using google chrome), my only suggestion is to use that server, also maybe perhaps clear your cache. Is this for all episodes or just a particular episode?

  4. maya Mee says:

    The Link was broken. Kindly fixt it, please. Thank you. ❤️

    1. what episode?

    2. I’m also using chrome, but I just tried using explorer, microsoft and opera and none worked 🤔 Checked eps from 1 to 5. I’ll try finding out where is the problem, ty for your help anyway (:

      1. If the problem still occur by then, I can probably upload to another server

  5. Thank you so much for this <3 <3

    1. thank you for being so sweet thippy ^^

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