FAQ & Rules

Simple rules you should follow…

  1. Don’t rush for subs or ask when will the next episode be released. I sub everything at my own pace. It will eventually get done unless I decide to drop the whole project!
  2. No subbing request! It’s an ongoing annoyance that I have to deal with over and over. You’ll be marked as spam and banned if I see any request!
  3. No soft subs. I have no interest in giving out softsubs for obvious reasons. But I don’t mind if you want to translate the lakorn into your language. I started subbing and timing on my own and still do it from time to time. If I can get through it, so should you!
  4. Respect & Appreciation! I think I can speak on behalf of all subbers out there is to be respectful and appreciate what’s been given to you. No, we don’t expect praises but a simple “thank you” or any words of encouragement would suffice. 
  5. Support original subbers and do not reupload! I know that at the end of the day, I cannot stop people from reuploading because we live in a world where technology is at it’s most advance. To know who originally subbed a lakorn is by looking at their logo on the video or read their disclaimer. If you manage to read the subs, why can’t you read their logos & disclaimer??? And no, none of the subbers out there including myself are claiming the videos ours, but what we are claiming are our subs! So you can understand why we get mad when things are being reuploaded!
  6. Servers & Errors! To make things easier for me, if you come across any errors or technical difficulties, it’ll be helpful if you be as specific as possible. By saying “link doesn’t work” will just go to spam thread. I am not an IT person but I will try my best to help out.
  7. SOCIAL MEDIA Other than this site, I am not uploading my projects anywhere else such as Youtube, Facebook, Telegram, etc. So if you see any videos of mine being uploaded, it would be nice to report that imposter. If there is an affiliated site, it’s alwaysgrumpycat.com I have given her permission to upload my completed projects for anyone to download in HQ quality. Sometimes I give exclusive information/updates to Lakorn Galaxy on Facebook so you can check it out there. There’s also Discord where you can join me and the rest of the people to chat about basically anything (you can find the link over at alwaysgrumpycat).

Thank you and I really appreciate if you abide by these rules. Those that don’t will be marked spam and banned!

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