Title: Fah Mee Tawan (Where the Sky has the Sun)
Air Date: September 14, 2020 – November 10, 2020
Total Episode: 18
Cast: Donut Phattharapon & Prapye Ramida
Synopsis: The story of a young businessman who plans to enter the company to take revenge and take everything from the father who abandoned him and his mother to live with his new wife. Including the adopted daughter who took the love from his father. He charmed his stepmother’s trust until realizing that all the bad things in the family were caused by the stepmother and her lover. And the daughter was just a victim, just like him. So he empathizes and secretly helps her until closeness turns into love. The plan to pull off the mask of the stepmother goes on with love at stake.

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STBT Special: Character Introduction (I made a typo on Jeab’s character name. It’s Netsalao not Netsela.)

Soundtrack: Foon by Big Ass | Namta Payu by Kob Taxi | Because I Love You by Pam Lita



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  1. Ayman says:

    Thank u so so so much 😍

  2. thank you to translate so quickly episode 13 and 14. I fell in love with the lakorn, the cast. These episodes were heartbreaking, Donut done a great job, I was really impressed by his acting. love

  3. heavenparadise2000 says:

    can someone tell me what’s the title of the song when he gave the handkerchief in episode 14

    1. its called Mai Wai Bohk Wai by Boy Peacemaker (Jeab’s husband who plays Net)

      1. heavenparadise2000 says:

        thank you, i love thai song even though i don’t understand it, i could feel it

  4. Thank you Thippy & Team for a well & efficient subbing of the Drama, frustrating at times over the FL’s passive unnecessary sacrificial character, nevertheless an educational one.

  5. I know it’s only a drama but I can’t help feeling frustrated and angry at Nai. No doubt she is wise & smart but allowing herself to be abused by her adoptive mother out of gratitude is beyond me. Marrying the man she had known and tasted his contemptible behavior out of love and gratitude for his adopted father is another critical sacrifice. Worse, she had allowed her mom to fool her in not disclosing to her father that Paul is his son. She has grown up in her care and by now should be able to assess her shallow and greedy character. I wonder if she is real.

    1. rummanz says:

      You are right.Iam so frustrated with nai for constantly trusting her even after knowing how unfaithful she is.

  6. ushasib says:

    This is turning out to be a real edge of the seat lakorn, specially now when the bad guys know the SECRET. Paul keeps having this headache..it’s worrying..hope they are not keeping an option of him having brain tumour or some other serious illness just to prolong the melodrama! i think the ML and FL are suffering a lot anyway. But the way lakorns work, there are six more episodes to go, so there will be more knots and twists and turns against our Paul and Nai till the 18th episode! I am sure all will be well at the end but till then it’ll be one roller coaster ride. So I am sort of preparing myself for our lead pair to hit the bottom, in terms of love, reputation, risk to life, work etc in the coming two weeks. Then only things will turn in their favour. Thanks Thippy for picking this one to sub, it’s a very interesting story.

    1. you can see at the opening and ending scenes. happy ending

  7. StarryUniverse says:

    omg! how many of ya’lls covered your eyes toward the end? i was like “oh no paul, you ain’t gonna do something filthy like that?” but thank goodness Nainapha saved him. What a big sigh of relief.

    Oh, why i’m not surprised the bad guys get know the truth first? Not good for Paul since he wasn’t ready for that incoming hit.

    1. I was on the edge of my seat as if I was watching a thriller scene hahahahhahahah

    2. ushasib says:

      I know.!.I was like ….Oh No!….Dad and son both……Thankfully love won over lust!

  8. I’ll have to wait til the last episode, i don’t want cliffhanger lol

  9. StarryUniverse says:

    Thank you again Thippy!! I’m loving more and more of Paul and Nai interactions..but dang the Dr.’s courage…I love Paul’s line of truth when he “confessed” that Nai will be the reason why everything he has planned and worked for will be ruined.

    1. Jonalyn Llamador says:

      Thank you for the English sub. Thippy .. God bless and more power

    2. Natasha says:

      In which ep is tht scene.. ?

      1. ruriko says:

        ep 10.. after they made deal with that old VIP man

  10. Shane says:

    Dear Thippy and friends, do u think Paul will lose everything including Crown and ML? Singkorn seems to be up to something and worried about Paul’s head injury too. I pray he and Nai won’t lose everything, but instead get both Crown Diamond and justice and of course happiness.

    1. I dont know if he’ll lose Crown Diamond but I dont think he’ll lose the ML haha. Im pretty sure its a happy ending

      1. Shane says:

        Worried whether Net and Singkorn would try to hurt Paul and uncle Ken as they know who he is. If Paul is getting a proper and happy closure at the end and villains get punished, then that’s glad to hear. BTW, it seems he is leaving Crown. Do you know why?

    2. chel811 says:

      Paul should better watch his back for now. Those meddling duos got his secret.

    3. Milaneves says:

      Personally, I don’t think Crown Diamond will survive if they don’t have another investidor. Either Paul gets it at the end or he looses it. But ML I don’t think he looses. Does Khun Ken have any more children? I don’t know if I remember correctly, but someone said in earlier episodes that he had a daughter?
      About Paul head injury, I really hope they don’t use the blindness or life threathening injury trope here…

  11. Raffy91 says:

    I cannot thank enough for the work that you guys put on translating this lakorn, every week I impatiently waiting for new episodes!!! thank you so much 😊 β€οΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  12. So there’s more than 15 episodes! Yes! I kept thinking in my head how things were going to turn out with only 3 episodes left! I’m super excited to have more time with our perfect couple.

    Once again, thanks Thippy!

  13. Thank you to choose this lakorn. I really like it, Donut and Prapye have a beautiful chemistry together. it is a pleasure to watch it. Thank you for your work.

  14. i thought it was only 15 episodes, so there’s 17?

    1. it was never confirmed and I only put 15 bc thats usually the case w/ most lakorns (if you have read the disclaimer above, it did say TBA of total episodes. But I asked and one of the assistant of the production said there’s 18 episodes

    2. Nikki says:

      There are a lot of people loving this lakorn.. and me too..❀❀
      By reading the comments only it is giving me a lot of encouragement. Hope this is happending with u as well thippy.. as ur popping up the ep nxt day itself.. after watching this intense growing love story.. I feel like their should be no end to this show πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
      This coming Eps sound so interesting tht I can’t wait fr the nxt Monday also πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚though their is a whole week to pass by…
      Thnxx fr picking an amazing lakorn ❀❀❀❀😘😘😘😘😘

  15. heidi says:

    thanks thippy for eng subbing….waiting for the fun ride ahead…

    1. Milaneves says:

      Thank you so much for your kind work and trustworthy info on the production, thippy. Real thanks!!

  16. Akbota says:

    cant wait for 11 episode. Thank you soooo much for eng sub <3

  17. Thank you, Thippy for subbing this drama. My first time with both leads. They act well in their respective role. I just want to see the female lead more spirited in her demeanor.

  18. ushasib says:

    This lakorn is very interesting. First time watching Donut and boy, isn’t he impressive! Fantastic acting, showing anger and sorrow both so well. His role is complicated and I feel Donut is superb as Paul. Thank you Thippy for subbing this

  19. Starryuniverse says:

    Thank you Thippy!! My fav episode atm. I’m not happy with 2 epis a week LOL. They go by so fast.

  20. Jonna Llamador says:

    Love this drama .thanks for the English sub..

  21. Ayman says:

    When will ep 10 be uploaded?

  22. Starryuniverse says:

    Tysm again Thippy! Things are getting intense!

  23. Lily says:

    Thank youuuu

  24. ruriko says:

    omg ep 8 released!!thank you so much.. i dont even expect this come earlier πŸ˜€

  25. aiyaaaa this is soo good im literally in love with paul/ Donut thanks sooo much thippy for doing this project I literally wouldn’t have discovered it without ya

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