Mae Krua Kon Mai

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Title: Mae Krua Kon Mai (The New Cook | My Michievous Fiancee)
Air Date:  March 2, 2021 – April 6, 2021
Total Episode: 26
Cast: August Vachiravit & Namfah Thunyaphat
Synopsis: Lormdao and Param are forced to get married by their elders but because they’ve never seen each other before, Lormdao refuses to marry him. After hearing rumors that Param was broke and needed a woman to marry to up his status, Lormdao disguises herself as Param’s new cook to investigate his family more closely to see if he really is after money or not.


Soundtracks: Yahk Ja Roo | Kor Cheua Jai Tua Eng



01 03/2/21 LINK
02 03/3/21 LINK
03 03/4/21 LINK
04 03/5/21 LINK
05 03/8/21 LINK
06 03/9/21 LINK
07 03/10/21 LINK
08 03/11/21 LINK
09 03/12/21 LINK
10 03/15/21 LINK
11 03/16/21 LINK
12 03/17/21 LINK
13 03/18/21 LINK
14 03/19/21 LINK
15 03/22/21 LINK
16 03/23/21 LINK
17 03/24/21 LINK
18 03/25/21 LINK
19 03/26/21 LINK
20 03/29/21 LINK
21 03/30/21 LINK
22 03/31/21 LINK
23 04/1/21 LINK
24 04/2/21 LINK
25 04/5/21 LINK
26 04/6/21 LINK


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