Wong Wien Huajai

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Title: Wong Wien Huajai (Revolving Hearts)
Air Date:  January 21, 2021 – March 24, 2021
Total Episode: 18
Cast: Porshe Saran & Now Tisanart
Synopsis: Bupachart’s life staggered when her boyfriend cheated on her and got the other woman pregnant and must marry her to take responsibility. While Tos Kanaphan also came into her life. They didn’t get along at first until a bond was created. But Tos had an agenda on his mind. Will this plan of his ruin a love that is blossoming or become a love that has no direction once again for her?


Soundtrack: Kum Tarm Tee Mee Kum Taub by Porshe Saran | Jai Taub Ma by Fon Warunee



01 01/21/21 LINK
02 01/27/21 LINK
03 01/28/21 LINK
04 02/3/21 LINK
05 02/4/21 LINK
06 02/10/21 LINK
07 02/11/21 LINK
08 02/17/21 LINK
09 02/18/21 LINK
10 02/24/21 LINK
11 02/25/21 LINK
12 03/3/21 LINK
13 03/4/21 LINK
14 03/10/21 LINK
15 03/11/21 LINK
16 03/17/21 LINK
17 03/18/21 LINK
18 03/24/21 LINK


  1. Mary

    Thank you, great work like always.

  2. Shay Guruge

    Woo hoo! For once I finished a lakorn on the same day the subtitles were completed!

    This was a pretty smooth ride. I felt that this lakorn fits more hate to love tag rather than slap-kiss lol (Except for the last 3 episodes when Tos went crazy after Nee’s death).

    One small rant, how the heck did Tos forgive Baitong just like that, after all she’s done!? when he freaking tortured Bow, the woman he is in love with for days assuming she’s the one responsible for Nee’s death.

    I am satisfied with the ending, but I still don’t think Baitong got enough karma for all the crazy things she has done. I wanted to see her suffer more, especially for killing Nee and the manager.

    Most people probably found Pong and Nee to be annoying characters, but for me, I sympathized with both of their characters most of the time. Especially Nee. She genuinely loved Pong. But after she got pregnant with Nong Wine, she slowly let go of Pong and gave the number one place to her child. I did not expect her to have that ending (kinda broke my heart). I really thought Pong would realize Nee’s love and both of them would be end game.

    Overall, I enjoyed this lakorn, so thank you so much Thippy. The storyline was pretty decent. Loved the leads and their chemistry! Khun Tos is just a sweetheart lol, Lets not forget about my favorite little Phong!

  3. bammagirl1

    I just found this site. I am so excited!!!! Thank you Thippy!

  4. dee

    thank you so much for your hardwork!! I am resisting myself from watching the last episode without subtitle so I can enjoy the episode later after you upload it. hope you stay happy and not burdened or pressured doing the subtitle.

  5. Har

    I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude to you Thippy. You delivered all episodes so quickly after they aired. You made my every weekend. Truly an amazing subber. Can’t even imagine all the hard work and patience it takes. Thank you thank you thank you!

  6. Har

    So so grateful for all your hardwork and giving us episodes so quickly Thippy. You make my every weekend.

  7. Blue

    so excited for Ep18 ^^!.

    Thank you Thippy. Really appreciate your hard work.

  8. Maria

    When subs of 16, 17, 18 episodes will available??

    1. thippy

      next year 🙂

      1. elle

        What? Nxt year?☹️

      2. Eda

        Oh God hahahaha

      3. Harim

        Thippy got no chill😂

    2. Aurélie

      Episode 16 came out yesterday and episode 17 aired today. Please give it time before the translations are available. But just like you I am impatient to know what will happen next!

      1. Sweety

        I am not able to watch any episodes due to porn ads. I am watching on iPad. On computer my malware software is blocking. How to fix it?

      2. thippy

        you need to install adblocker on your device!

  9. Blue

    Thank you for such a nice lakorn. Porshe Saran is one of my favorite actors, I like his acting and his action scenes. Very excited to have it finish airing so I could compete the rest in tranquility ^_^.

    Thank you thippy for your time translating.

  10. joan cole-kady

    Thank you for the dramas I love them all. But the last few weeks I am getting pornography in the ads. Is there some way to get clean ads. I can’t watch when anyone awake I am in the US

    1. thippy

      make sure you have adblocker on

  11. Mary

    Thank you Thippy 🙂

  12. zrd13

    i am so happy thippy decided to sub this and talay luang. They are both great, make me look forward to new episodes each week. Now and Porsche, never knew they could have such amazing chemistry. i think easily they are my new favourite pairing. That nang rai, baitong (don’t remember her real name) she ‘s also good in a creepy way..haha. Keep up the superb work, thippy. Your webpage in the first thing i look at each day and the last before i go to bed……su su na kha….

  13. nicolienvdmeij@hotmail.com

    Thippy Thank you so much!😘

  14. yuyodka

    Thank you for subbing this drama. Keep up the good work!

  15. Crissy

    Im so shocked to see her family us acting this way, its disgusting! Thank yor for subing this lakorn!

    1. Jane

      Right, they really are the worst. Kudo to the actors, I really really hate them.

  16. mega552

    Thank you love this lakorn❤️❤️

  17. isa

    Thank you Thippy! Keep up the good work. Loving the remake so far

  18. Amy

    Dropping a comment to say thank you for this interesting lakorn, expected scenes, cringey but you just love it anyway. I watch it with my mum. She loves this lakorn!

    1. Ab

      Why i cant watch the video?

      1. Amy

        The video should be alright. Try closing the pop up ads first.

  19. El Oro ES

    Although I talk to you in Discord, I wanted to leave some thankful words. I hope these projects don’t give you headaches, lol!

    Tee Rak!!!!!!!!

  20. Jane

    Oh my god. I had forgotten how hateful her family, the male lead (We’ll both actually), And his sister were. Not sure I’ll be able to watch such selfish a** without Weir’ charm.
    Anyways, thanks for all the work yo’ enjoy done.

    1. El Oro ES

      Porshe has this charm that comes from the way he teases/flirts with his nang’eks… not handsome for me, but he got something that makes enjoy his roles, we can always use the FF button in those Vickies’ scenes!

      1. Amirul Haziq

        I think he is cute more than handsome

    2. Bless

      Thank you so much for the effort. 🤗

  21. mary christodoulou

    lovely lakorn thank you so much

  22. Jholove

    O i fall in love again am looking the original this series 5 time now im back again to look the remake its nice im waiting again the next episode

  23. Nikki

    Something from Porshe after a long time…. hope it’s amazing…💜😍😍❤❤😉

  24. ushasib

    Looking forward to this lakorn, thank you Thippy

  25. serahunny

    My Very First Thai Lakorn!!!! Make Me Fall in Love with Weir. Can’t believe they are making a remake.! Thank You Thippy for picking up this project <3

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