Fah Mee Ta: Sugar Daddy Rak Krung Nee…Kong Pe Gup Nong

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Cast: Ben Santiraj & Chingching Kharittha
Air Date: July 25, 2020
Total Episode: 1
Brief Synopsis: After Waan finds out her parents have been struggling financially, she asks a close friend to find her a sugar daddy. Unbenownst, the sugar daddy that has been supporting her was her new found brother-like friend, Ton.

* Fah Mee Ta is a TV series/program that has been airing for 13 seasons now. It’s a TV program reflecting social problems in the form of short dramas. There will be famous actors circulating in this program throughout different episodes.(Each episode has different storyline/actors) The content of the short drama is a reminder to let us know that you will have consequences for your actions, good or bad.

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