First of all, happy late new year to everyone! It’s been so long since I’ve written a post on this site. 2022 was such a challenging and stressful year personally. Let’s hope 2023 will bring us more peace and happiness 🙏❤️. With that said, if you haven’t noticed I did not write any reviews for last year’s lakorns that I subbed. This year I will try to make it a habit to write every time I finish one, starting with Oum Rak Patiharn.

This lakorn was…sighs…💩…It just wasn’t what I expected. To be honest, it was very mundane, cliche, and cringe. Too PG13 for my taste like you’re watching those Hallmark movies. I thought it was going to be a cute lakorn because there’s a kid involved. Now trust me, the kid was cute. She probably the only person that brought some flavor in this lakorn. I also thought because a kid was involved, it would focus on the kid with her parents in this case, the main leads. But right off the bat, episode 1-3, it focused too much on the second leads Rita & Chote. Like who gives a shit about them besides their fans? No offense but no second leads should have this much screen time especially the character Rita. (I’ll talk about her later). Donut & Meimei who plays Peem and Paeng in this lakorn had zero chemistry. They only looked cute in pictures. I was majority of the time annoyed by Meimei’s acting because she keeps bobbing her head when she talks. I think Donut had picked up on it because he too, was bobbing/nodding his head as he said his lines 💀💀 WHAT EVENS????!!!!! Meimei’s acting was also one dimensional 💀😬 but then it’s probably her character too lol. Peem and Paeng’s baby drama misunderstanding resolved quickly after they found out it was Peem’s step mom that tried to kill Paeng’s baby while she was pregnant and not Paeng who tried to abort her own child. They eventually get back together and I of all people love when our leads get together because you know it’ll show more sweet scenes and romance. NOPE! After they got back together, they became a boring couple and it didn’t really show much of them and when it did, it was too cringe for my taste. Random sub-thought but I’ve never seen a scene after the leads have sex to be this cringe. I felt I was watching two teenagers had sex for the first time and I’m just like 😳😳 or maybe I’m the weird one that expected more from watching American teenage shows hahaha.

Rita and Chote are the second leads and as mentioned before, they sort of took over the screen time when nobody asked them to. But to be fair, their scenes were a little more interesting than the leads but Rita’s character was so damn annoying with her playing hard to get. I sort of get where she’s coming from though because Chote was in love with Paeng since they were kids and suddenly starts to take interest in Rita. I too would question him but the way she would get mad or p***y hurt every time Chote would give his attention (unintentionally) to Paeng. There was this incident in the lakorn where Paeng had asked Chote to sign the marriage certificate with her because Peem’s step mom had threatened her. Chote was reluctant to do so because he was already with Rita and he felt considerate of her feelings. He even tried to tell Rita about it but her ass wouldn’t listen because she was butt hurt over another issue they had prior to that. So when the day came of the wedding, she got hurt because supposedly she felt blindsided that he didn’t tell her 🙄🙄 WTF?!!! I also felt some of her scenes should have gone to Paeng, if that makes sense, like confronting or investigating what happened to the missing housekeeper. It was her and Supol that was doing all the work. I felt those scenes could have gone to Peem and Paeng? Rita was taking over everything is what I’m trying to say. There’s also a third couple which I was sooooooo annoyed of because Smile, the actress that plays as Jee (Peem’s little sister) talked really slow. I don’t know if that’s how she really talks or just her character but damn that shit was annoying af. And I’m surprised that her and Supol got together. I initially thought Supol would have got together with Pak, the step sister because they always argue and you know according to lakorn logic, the bickering couple ends up together but they didn’t. Third couple was just as cringe and boring as the leads 🙁

The plot of this whole lakorn besides the misunderstanding of the leads and the baby drama, was Peem’s step mom Pisamai. She wanted everything to herself (inheritance). So she tried to kill Paeng and the baby because if Peem marries Paeng, all of his inheritance will go to the two of them. And get this, Paeng is the biological niece of the step mom too. I just find it kind of weird that the leads are somehow related by marriage in a way hahaha. So she has this mentality where she thinks Paeng’s dad and Paeng ruined her life (forcing her to marry Peem’s father and leaving her lover behind – it makes sense if you watch the lakorn lol). The way they resolved it in the last episode was underwhelming for me. I mean Pisamai got her karma; unable to speak again but it just felt flat. The plot could have been more but I think they wnated to keep it PG 😆 (But she did murder the hosuekeeper). I think the only emotion I had in the last episode was the scene Pak reconciled with her birth father. I mean I cried. You know come to think of it, Pak’s character wasn’t mundane compared to the main casts. Sure she was annoying af with her tantrums and yelling but her character to me felt alive lmao. I still wish she ended up with Supol though but that’s that. Taengwaan was a joy to watch too and so were the grannies. But I hope Donut’s 2023 lakorn will be better because tbh, his lakorn hasn’t been good since Fah Mee Tawan and he was the reason I chose to do Oum Rak Patiharn 😕

Anyways, I suck at writing reviews because I end up saying everything bottled up in my head so it might be all over the place but I do hope it make sense somewhat. For those that have watched it, did you enjoy it or were you slowly dying like me? 😅 Anyways thanks for reading and see you in my next thoughts ❤️