Hello everyone, hopefully you guys had a good Christmas. I cannot believe 2021 is ending and 2022 is around the corner. I hope all of you had a good year and for those that didn’t, I’m sorry. I hope everything is okay now. For me, I didn’t expect 2021 to turn out the way it did. I almost lost my dad during the summer and it really changed my perspective on life and taught me a lot of things about myself. If 2021 taught me anything, it’s to put yourself and your mental health first and it’s okay to say no and stand up for yourself. It’s okay to be selfish and that I need to let go of things I can’t control. I was struggling with stress and anxieties and I was like a volcano that was about to explode. I eventually snapped. I was mad all the time. I was crying almost everyday. I was sad. It was just a horrible time in my life. I’m feeling better now. So is my dad. Thank you to everyone that have reached out to me during those times. <3

Anyways, enough about me. Onto what I’m actually here to write. First and foremost, as you all know, most if not all Thai channels that have been broadcasting lakorns weekly have gone on break due to new years. They will resume after new years. That includes Rang Rak Prang Jai. It will resume to air on Jan.17. It is said to have 18 episodes so let’s see if it’s true or not. Them going on break gives me time to catch up on my other two lakorns. My goal is to finish both by the end of January and if I don’t get too lazy, I want to finish at least one of them before lakorns begin to resume again. I can probably make it happen if I stay focus on one lakorn but I get bored so easily so I’ll probably just sub both simultaneously. Usually during this time, I would be writing my reviews on the lakorns I have subbed in the past and I apologize I haven’t been doing it. I really got busy. I will try to write them out in the next following week or so 🙂 Hopefully I still remember each storyline enough to write a review LOL.

In terms of new lakorns, it seems like we will have a good amount of good lakorns for 2022! I have a list of what took my interest but nothing is for certain until I actually release an episode. Just because I have it on my list, does not mean that I’m claiming ownership or whatever some people like to think. Someone told me that subbers are free to sub whatever we want so don’t come at subber’s throat if we happen to sub the same lakorn and instigate some type of war like in the past that I’ve encountered.

I will be also adding a new server for upcoming new lakorns since some are saying they can’t play the video with the ones I provided. But you guys, you guys aren’t helping much if you guys don’t explain what exactly is the problem. I would appreciate it if you elaborate a little.And even when I respond, I don’t get a respond back so I’m not sure if the problems is resolved or not.

Most importantly, I provide my subs for free and I appreciate the people that have been watching from the original subbers. If you are watching any of my videos and you’re paying for it, let it be known that I have no part in that nor gave permission to reupload any of my videos! Thank you to those that have DM me and asking about it.

Lastly, for this upcoming new years, I hope everyone will have a happy, healthy, prosperous new years and let there be more enjoyable lakorns to watch! Stay safe and happy new year everyone!