Updates! 8.31.20

I hope you are all doing well. It’s been awhile since I wrote a post here. How is everyone doing during this crazy time? Is anyone still in quarantine/lockdown like me? I know this site has been moving slow and not much happening. I guess it’s because I don’t have any current new lakorns airing & subbing going on besides an old project which I said it’ll be a slow one. I took the time off to go enjoy my summer being lockdown finding new hobbies and watching new shows out there. I’ve been active on social media a lot these days. I’ve discovered how to do GIFs (still need to learn how to do those HD ones)–somehow the quality changes once I post them on Twitter. I’ve been editing more on Youtube thanks to the shows I’ve been watching this summer. Well all of my free time will be gone soon because CH7 new slot of lakorns have been confirmed and I hit two jackpots. Fah Mee Tawan & Ngao Boon are set to air mid September. Weekend slot has not been confirmed yet by the channel and I’m praying it’s not a lakorn on my list or I’m going to be like Neko in Nekoland over there hustling 7 days a week. Idk how she does it, popping out episodes the next day. That’s crazy considering she has a job and is subbing solo! [Neko, send me those speedy vibe soon] But yes, stay tune for FMT & NB come mid September. In the mean time, I will try my hardest to get as much Prao/Proud episodes as much as possible. Shout out to LG & MLAT for saying yes to my request. I know they’re busy with their own thing. As for old projects still working on those (Huajai Look Phuchai)


No, no. It’s not a giveaway hosted by me. I wish! I’m too broke right now unfortunately! I just want to pass on the news that a giveaway hosted by Lakorn Galaxy is happening right now on their site and Facebook page I think! They’ve been supportive of me in my projects so wanted to pass on the news to anyone and everyone here. Please refer to their page and site for more info.

Link: Lakorn Galaxy Giveaway 

& Facebook LG

Also, if anyone wants to follow me on Twitter to see what shows I’m watching and if you’re watching the same, come talk!

Twitter @athippycreation

That’s all I want to update you guys on! Hopefully you guys will join me when FMT & NB airs


  1. Hi Thippy, I found your site from DailyMotion. Thank you so much for subbing. Do you accept donations? I am so happy whenever I can find shows that have decent Eng subtitles and I wish there are ways which I can show my gratitude.

  2. Really appreciate all the hard work you have done subbing all this thai dramas. Can release some stress watching it in this pandemic. Thanks a million.

  3. Thank you so much for subbing, Lots of love from India for you and keep up ur great work!!

  4. ushasib says:

    Started watching Fah Mee Tawan, Interesting plot. Thanks for subbing, Cheers

  5. Marianawff says:

    I love your site❤️ Keep subbing and have fun✨

  6. thank you thippy i am waiting foe fah mee tawan… su su.. so happy to read your blog.. was waiting foe it.. love you

  7. what happened to Hua Jai Look Poochai ? I recently became a fan of Kem and cannot find this drama anywhere

  8. Hello Thippy! Nice to see your message. Fah Mee Tawan looks intresting. Best wishes from germany!

  9. Jamy Vang says:

    Hi Thippy,
    I’m glad that you took a break during summer and finding new hobbies. I hope that you will continue with those hobbies. 🙂
    Thanks for all you do and you are the best.

  10. Hi Thippy,

    Life is slow moving with the partial lockdown but there are movies and dramas to keep us occupied. Thanks for the update. Cheers

  11. Thanks a lot for all your effort. This is the only site so far that I know that has english sub.

  12. Hi Thippy, great to hear from you As per usual I look forward to your new releases, However your current Weir project is most appreciated as I had often wished to watch this one. I’m not in lockdown where I am in Australia and appreciate how fortunate we have been here. I send all my very best to all Haveners across the globe.
    Please excuse me, but may I be cheeky for a second. I am most senior ( aged) and do not use Instagram, Twitter etc …I barely cope with email, messenger and the inernet. Recently, Youtube showed me a clip from Fai Sin Chua. I am a big fan of Thassapak Hsu (Bie) whom I have seen in a number of Chinese dramas. If you spot anywhere subbing this could you please let me know. I have also heard him sing…his version of a BTS classic was wonderful. I’d like to see him in a Thai drama. Thank you for all you do as I love Thai drama and without your efforts I would not have enjoyed many that are now my favorites.

    1. I think Muse is subbing that one. You can check out their site 🙂

      1. Lyn says:

        Thank you soo very much for your quick response. Maybe Ill just wait for Fah Mee Tawan…I think Thai make very good “scary” shows. I’m not a fan of being frightened, so , although a fan of the male lead since La Ong Dao, I won’t be watching Ngao Boon. Stay safe everyone. Warmest wishes to you Thippy.

  13. idalee44 says:

    So nice to hear from you again , hope you’re well , keep safe .

  14. Wow, that’s great news – looking forward to Fah Mee Tawan & Ngao Boon!

  15. ushasib says:

    Hi Thippy,
    Warm wishes from Mumbai, India. Our lockdown continues and so does my lakorn watching. A special thanks to you for opening up the lakornworld of entertainment to me.Have a great day, Cheers

  16. dramallama20 says:

    Thippy! It’s nice to see you are writing again! You are always on my thoughts! Su su na! 🤗

  17. Yeehaa thank you for your effort! Love you.

  18. [Running…] I can almost see you, Thippy! [neko getting ready to pass the baton over] 5555! Sending more power over to you! Fah Mee Tawan looks promising! Ngao Boon give me the vibes of Raak Boon something different from our typical lakorn! You can do it! Su su na! 😘😘😘

  19. 😘😘

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